Warm and fuzzy

G'day all!

I've been taking part in a shawl exchange on Ravelry. My partner didn't want a light and lacy little shawl - she doesn't use them much. Being in Scotland, she wanted something with a little more heft. Possibly in grey.

I went through my fleeces and found a lovely polwarth. Alas, my lovely grey polwarth had suffered from being in storage - it was pretty tacky and quite hard to prep for spinning, even after I washed it again.

So at Bendigo, I bought a new lovely grey polwarth. A lamb fleece as it turned out - it was rather tippy but very soft. And it had brown streaks through it - the lamb must be two colours. I snipped the brown/apricot tips off and pulled out the browner locks and left them for another project and got to spinning.

I was aiming for a semi-woollen spun yarn. Not sure I got it consistently but I certainly got a warm fuzzy yarn. It knitted up into a warm fuzzy faroese inspired shawl with a little hint of lace - cat's paw lace down the spine and along the lower edge. It is certainly warm - I reckon I need one for myself, maybe white or dyed from the white fleece I bought.


Pattern - my own
Needle size: 5.5mm I think
Yarn - handspun from a Wendy and David Dennis fleece, approx 520m.


It took me from the end of July through to a week ago to get the thing finished. It is quite large because it is going to a tall and bonny Scot. I just had really bad timing and expected a bit too much of myself after finishing chemo and having an operation, etc.

OK, OK, I still am expecting too much of myself. 8-) I want to do so much and make so much! Also I have a lot more house duties now than I did - this is the problem of being on your own. There's noone else to do things like deal with the dishes, sweep the floor or scrub the dunny.

Speaking of which, tomorrow morning Nathan's plumber mate is coming around to plumb in our new loo. It is white and clean and shiny. The old dunny is being decommissioned. It is pink and dirty and over 50 years old. It has given good service but oh boy, so glad the old stinker is going! At the same time as that, I have to go get my sister's washing machine to bring back here (two men are bringing it across for me in a truck), then I have to go to RT and then to the dr! Egads, I just want a day with no commitments! No hurrying from one thing to the next, just a slow meander and pottering around doing as I please. But I only have maybe one of those a fortnight now. Ah well. Only five more weeks of RT to go!



  1. That shawl looks very cosy and I think the cat's paw pattern is just right on it.

  2. It is hard being on your own, and harder still to find a day where nothing happens. I'm hoping for a day like that tomorrow.
    Love the cat lace ad the shawl looks so very warm. You are so clever to spin the wool and knit it up!!
    Happy new toilet!!! You will be all flushed with happiness!!!

  3. That shawl is lovely - it looks so cosy and snuggly!


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