Blue Mountains

G'day all!

Had a lovely trip to Sydney. We went off to the Blue Mountains for our anniversary.

We walked and we walked and we walked, apart from sitting on trains and buses.

One little thing about Google Maps is it doesn't show you the terrain. It can (Google earth is better) but y'know you just look at the map. lalalala. It's all good!

Then when you get there, you realise that that kilometre walk from the station to your accommodation, a quite short walk, involves going down and up some significant hills. That is before you've even gotten to the bushwalking parts!

Anyway, we did quite a bit of walking, lots of hills and stairs. I have 1.8 gig of pictures from the place, not that I am going to share all of them with you!

Here's the most famous part of the Blue Mountains:


The Three Sisters feature on almost as many pics of Sydney as the harbour bridge and opera house.

And just to show we were there, no crappy photoshopping required,



Still very busy at the moment - started work two days a week, starting radiotherapy today, got lots to do and just as well cos I miss DH lots. But that is for another time!



  1. You both look very happy, framing the Three Sisters!!! You are so busy and I hope everything is going well!!


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