It isn't often

That the weather scares the hell out of me.


The wind is incredible. A low pressure system has developed to the west of us and is galloping south eastward. Winds are hitting close to 100kmh. The whole house is flexing and bending - that is a good thing cos not flexing would be verra bad indeed. But I can't sleep from the noise and the feeling of the wind hitting the house. Also since the place is nowhere near weathertight, there's a lot of drafts and noises from the temporary "ceiling."

I've never experienced a cyclone or typhoon or hurricane. I hope this is as close as I get!

Here comes another blast - you can hear it coming. Yargh. Time to plug the old clock radio in and play the radio, see if that helps block some of the sound... Hope DH didn't really want the beer bottles he left out the front cos they just blew over.


PS we are still here, 8 hours after I posted the above. The house is still here, the wonky fence is still "upright" and nothing blew away! A miracle. 8-)


  1. Glad you are ok.

    I was in an area that caught the tail end of a hurricane once. Not much rain, but the wind was wild.

    More frightening, perhaps, are tornadoes which hit rather suddenly and send bits of trees flying into houses, and bits of houses flying into trees. One flew over and gave our neighborhood trees a "buzz cut" when I was a child. No power, so we got a day off school. It was strange making your way through tree limbs and the like.

  2. It was seriously crazy windy here last night between 1 am and about 3 am. The kids kept climbing into my bed. Glad everything stayed where it was supposed to be.

  3. Yes, wasn't the weather wild, we had heaps of rain and wind, but not as bad as it has been. Glad you are safe and sound.


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