G'day all!

Today I thought I would take it easy. Well maybe.

I woke up and got up early so that I'd be showered before the plumber arrived.

Argh. Hang on a moment - I'm going back to Firefox for my blogger stuff. I've started using Chrome. It is made by Google. It does not support keyboard commands in Blogger! How stupid is that? And I want to italicise stuff properly not use the old commands with greater and lesser than symbols and an i and a forward slash... oh and I'm lazy too.

Ah here we are in Firefox. Hooray for keyboard commands! I'm finding Chrome limiting in some ways - I hate the lack of history (on some websites I use the history list a LOT). But I thought since I use gmail and I use blogger and DH said it is good, I should use Chrome.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

The plumber didn't show up. Didn't answer his mobile either. I had to leave at 8:15am to get to my sister's place to snaffle her washing machine (and it is a beauty too! A big front loader). I had an amazing run - after stopping at hmm, North Road, I didn't stop until Warrigal Road *and* we did the speed limit for most of it! In peak hour traffic that is totally amazing - that is four sets of lights in about six km. Anyway, apparently I was not there at 9am - I have no idea where the removalists were looking for me cos I was there at 8:45am and was sitting by the front door with it open.... I think they were looking at the front unit. DUH!

Turns out the plumber said "next Friday" last Thursday, meaning not the next day, not the Friday after that but three Fridays away. I've heard of people saying "next Friday" as being not the next week but two weeks away, but this is the first time I've fallen over it. I should've gotten the date but he had said to Nathan it would be THIS week, not two weeks away. He might be coming on Tuesday but that is a bit inconvenient for me, being a work day and all.

So I am stuck with the pink dunny for a while yet.

I crabbed at the radiotherapy technician about being booked in for RT next Saturday at lunchtime. I ended up ringing the booking person, who told me that they knock off at 1pm, so there is NO WAY I could have an appt at 2:15pm. (Well if that is the case, why was it on my list, oh goddess of bookings?) It is changed to 8:30am, which is sucky but means that I'll get a good headstart on the day. I've told them that I really am not available the Saturday after that for RT (Nathan should be down in Melbourne and I'm not missing out for a minute!).

I did not crab at the doctor. My bloods are not all in the normal range yet - white cell count is still a bit lower than we'd like and my haematocrit is low too - both because of chemo most likely. It suppresses the bone marrow. It has climbed quite a bit but I am almost anaemic. Me. Anaemic. I've never been anaemic in my life, usually I'm almost the opposite. Plus my vitamin D levels are low. I now have to take calcium and vit D, though I think I need somewhat greater amounts of vit D than are in the supplement he suggested.

Then I started wrangling with websites. OMG, what is wrong with either me or the websites? A craft website looked like someone had shoved everything to one side - tested only in IE? Or was it just me using Firefox and Chrome to look at it? I sent very crabby feedback to them and they reckon they have fixed it now. Haven't checked yet. Still crabby.

I tried to log in for online check in for my flight to Sydney tomorrow arvo and the link IN THE EMAIL THEY SENT ME is busted! Like honest to god, wouldn't they code the right thing into the email? Surely I'm not the only person who thinks it sucks to click on a link and be told it is old or has expired or does not exist! I'm talking about you, Virgin Blue! You've got feedback about it too. (I did manage to do online check in eventually but it took some wrangling - first when I found the right place, I stupidly put in my location instead of just my frequent flier number so it wanted my booking reference (it says provide this and this OR FF number and I put this and FF, WRONG!), then the seat I chose was not available even though they said it was at first, then because I had to go back and change it, other things were broken and of course some silly git said she is a frequent flier with them, which she is, so they wanted the number, even though I had just given it to them to log in, etc etc....)

Then I looked at very pretty blogs, which weren't busted, but they made ME feel busted because they are so bright and sunny and happy and their places look perfect. After that I felt underinspired.

On the bright side, if all goes well, tomorrow I'll see Nathan. It is only a quick dash of a trip but better than nothing. We are both getting into the chronic missing each other stage now. It seems we really do like each other. On occasion I had wondered about us earlier this year but now I at least am somewhat more sure of my feelings for him :-)


Mmmm, cauliflower. I didn't pick this one as early as I should've but it still tastes just fine. As do the eggs we're getting out of our manky chickens - two a day at present! Nom nom! I've been eating the bought ones though as they are of unknown age and should be eaten first. Fresh eggs are amazing - the white is almost as round as the yolk! It doesn't spread far at all. And our chooks are getting enough calcium too cos after cracking their eggs, I've had two accidents with the bought ones - I've smashed them to bits and half missed the pan!

Doh! It's late. Verra late. I'm trying to get to bed before 11pm in hope I'll go to sleep before midnight. I've been doing a bit of reading in bed - I like reading in bed. I also need to rest more but I just keep on going. I know I need to take better care of myself but I guess it is just the fear of not knowing how much time I have. A lifetime of time, but is that a short lifetime or a long one? Only time will tell, and I can't hear what it is saying.



  1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Firmly believe in time off from each other, though your situation is a bit on the extreme.

    Hope you both have a lovely time together.

  2. I've been using Chrome for months and don't seem to be having the problems you are talking about. History is seen by holding down the back arrow not doing a short click on it. What other Chrome problems have you been having? What you describe for Blogger didn't quite make sense to me. If you mean can't use ctrl+I to do italics in blogger then something else is going on because it's working fine over here. Unless you are composing in HTML mode instead of the other option??? Write a list and send it to me when you've got a chance and I'll see where I can help.

  3. I am always searching in my history because my memory is so bad. I could not so without it. Now that's a cauli!!!
    THIS Friday would be the one coming up, so from today it would be the 1st. NEXT Friday would be the one after that, the 8th. Your plumber must have different rules.
    Yay for the new washing machine.

  4. Anonymous7:54 am

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  5. LOVE the cauli photo !!! Glad to hear some things are on the mend xxxx Did they tell you when you take your calcium, not to have it with or soon after a hot cuppa (tea or anything else....)I been taking Ca now for 2 yrs (parathyroid gone) and for first 10 months no improvement cause I used hot tea to wash down chalky horse tab and no one told me...also works better to take it at night before bed. Levels great now. LOL.


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