Running away

G'day all!

I'm off for a long weekend with DH. I'm taking the bus and train to Siddeny tomorrow - 12 hour trip! Plus a bit extra on the bus cos the tracks are stuffed between Melbourne and Albury. (I'm taking the plane back though.)

To keep you entertained in my absence, please enjoy:

I know I did!

(There is one notable gent lacking from this video montage - how on earth did they leave him out?)



  1. Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope the trip is not too arduous.
    Thank you for the video, very enjoyable and I saw Foyle's Sergeant !! I shall have to seek out that DVD.
    Yes, where is the proper Mr Darcy??

  2. OOOOOOh yummmy!
    Yes Mr Darcy aka CF --- sadly missing from this little montage!

    Thanks for that little treat --- have a lovely time in Sydney.

  3. Be still, my heart! And at 3AM, no less! But you're Colin? Boo!

    Have a great time in Sydney.

  4. Before I even looked, i wondered if it was Colin Firth! What a shame, how could they do that?

    Have a great time.

  5. It is a truth universally acknowledged that to preserve the space-time continuum, there can only be one Mr Darcy at a time

  6. Nice work! Well worth watching and now I need to know what all the shows were so I can get them out to watch and drool in person.


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