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G'day all!

Just a quick one to say I'm still alive! Though tonight I am feeling fairly average - I think I've been doing Too Much for Too Many Days. Or maybe I've caught the stomach bug that is going around. Anyway, it will be an early night for me!

I have so much to tell you and show you and tonight? Not happening!

On Saturday I went to an open studio for a small hand-printed fabric place. It was very interesting and I bought some material. Then I dropped in on one sister and we went to visit our other sister.

Sunday I went to the farmers' market, then to Spotlight. Oh dear. They had eggplant coloured yarn that was 80 CENTS a ball. Nice yarn too. 100% wool. Plus some of my favourite baby yarn for $1.60 a ball. Note that both these yarns usually retail for between $4-7.

Sigh. So much for my yarn diet.

Then I hopped off to the Knitting in the Botanic Gardens group (more accurately known as knitting in the observatory cafe group) and caught up with some folks and met other folks. And there were more than those ladies there but tonight I am a little slow.

Then I stopped at a different Spotlight on the way home. Dark peacock blue yarn.

Double sigh.

Today? Off to the dr at 9:10am. Only he arrived at 9:15 and took 20 minutes to review his daily work and my 9:10am appointment turned into a 9:45 appointment. Then I was silly enough to decide to get my bloods done at the pathology lab there, except I was number 9 and number 3 had been called at 9:30 and number 4 was called at 9:55... so I drove back home, grabbed my stuff for radiotherapy and shot off to that. Except I didn't my washing out. That was ok, it was drizzling. For another two minutes. Then it cleared up and didn't rain for the rest of the day.


I had plenty of time to get a few jigsaw pieces in - waited 45 minutes for my appt. Radiotherapy was its usual uncomfortable self - I put my neck out of whack today. Ouch. My arms don't like it much either. Then I had hours to kill because I had to be back at the hospital at 4pm for my physio appointment. I went exploring and found the pathology lab that I could get the bloods done at, but alas she had gone to lunch at 12 midday and I had arrived at 12:02. "It will be half an hour." Sigh.

So I drove off to Spotlight AGAIN. Bought some fabric for DH, bought MORE 80c yarn. My bad. And a set of white sheets with the idea of tie dyeing them for DH's bed in Sydney. It is only a double bed ("full" in US-speak). My queen size sheets tend to swim on it, plus we have the inflatable double bed up there but only one set of sheets.

And I realised that I don't have the right size needles for my lovely new 80c yarn that I simply dying to make this out of. So then I had to go to Wondoflex. There I discovered they have KnitPro needles and just so happened to have a set of tips in exactly the size I need (7mm). Hooray! I have plenty of cables and decided that $10.50 for the tips was better than paying $15 for a set of 7mm bamboo circular needles. (Two balls of yarn on special fell into my clutches too - I will be wearing hats for a while to come and want a couple in different colours for summer. Red and a very pretty green. Not that I have any green hats already at all *cough cough* but this is a very pretty green!).

I still had a couple of hours to kill (despite the traffic being abominable - it turns out that there had been a fatality in a pile up on the main tollway into town, aka the City, aka Melbourne itself, so traffic was going whichever way it could). I dropped into Patchwork on Central Park and gawped at their pretty material. Didn't buy anything though - I tend to find quilting places a bit overwhelming. Then I navigated my way down to Amitie, as it is on the same street as the hospital. I did buy some material on special and some fave material there. It takes almost 20 minutes to get from there to the hospital even though they can't be more than 5km apart. However there are dingdongs (train line level crossing), multiple pedestrian crossing lights, shops lining the street and a helluva lot of really DUMB drivers in the way.

Finally I got back to the hospital, parallel parked for the fourth? time that day (I'm pretty good at parallel parking, though I am not as good as French women are - they have it down to an art!), toddled off to get my bloods done (I want to know if I have ok vitamin D levels - helpful in the fight against cancer and also a number of auto-immune diseases, dr decided may as well test everything), and then went to the physio department.

It turns out that I am quite even. I have very little difference in my measurements between my left and right arms all the way from the knuckles to the upper arm. That is a good thing. My bio-impedance is also quite good - it can range form -10 to +10 and mine was +0.8, almost equal. It is usually used to calculate body fat but in this instance is looking at the difference in composition of my arms. If, for example, I was developing lymphodema, there would be a difference in the composition of my arms and it would become quite marked as the fluid built up. The reader would pick that up.

So it is all good :-)

I shall share pics of my goodies soon, when I am home, it is light and have taken pics of them! So busy currently, hope I am not coming down with anything cos I do feel rather odd!



  1. Lordy Woman...Slow down! It was good to see you on Sunday :-) Maybe you should just stay away from yarn stores as it seems you don't have any self control!!!

  2. Love that Shalom cardigan --- and yes sllooooow down --- whew! I was exhausted just reading your blog :-)

  3. You must have almost "run" a marathon. Good news abut your measurements being the same, that augurs well!!
    Oh the BlackSpot of DoomLight sale, I went three times. I am very bad!!

  4. Meh, I wouldn't have said no to that yarn either!

    It was nice seeing you on Sunday too!


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