Alas my dinner

G'day all!

Still busy, trying to slow down. I'm getting some knitting done, hooray!

Tonight I defrosted a bit of chicken to throw into tea. (I'm Victorian, we call dinner tea. Of course we also drink tea. This can make things confusing. We also call hot and cold chips chips, not fries and crisps. Again confuzzlement ensues.)

So, back to the topic at hand.

I defrosted some chicken. I opened the freezer bag and went to drop it into the pot of boiling water, in which I intended to poach said chicken.

Said chicken had other ideas.


Splat with double pike and twist on the floor. (Isn't your floor grotty cos half of it is unsanded floor boards and the other half is still waiting to be ripped up? Don't you have the lid off a big bucket for the compost sitting on the floor waiting for the compost bucket to return indoors?)

Well I grabbed it and washed it frantically, got rid of the grotty bits and chucked it in the pot. I put the kettle on to boil and wandered off to tidy some more.

Sniff, sniff... what is that smell? Oh crappers!


I don't think that chicken wanted to be eaten. And that is the second time I've reallllly burned that pot. It is bin night tonight. It is going in the bin...

In good news, I have finished a largeish shawl and sent it off to its new owner. I even have pics! I shall share them shortly. Also, good news for me is that we are now just past equinox and the days will continue to get longer and longer. I am a long day person.

But at the moment? I need to go to bed early! I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow - work, radiotherapy, clinic, and crafties. On Friday I need to be at my sister's place nice and early to get her washing machine (ours must be 30 years old, I remember Mum getting it), then off to radiotherapy, then to the doc's to get blood test results... I have radiotherapy on Saturday too, beasts, means I only get to see DH for a day after I fly up to Sydney on Saturday arvo - I have to be back early Monday morning for, you guessed it...



  1. That chicken went to extremes to avoid being eaten. Sometimes you just have days like that.
    Oh a new washing machine, excellent!! I had an old second hand on that cost $10 and lasted for years too. The new ones are not as lasty.Good luck with all your busy-ness!!


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