And then there were none

G'day all!

Today was a day of toil I tell you toil - doing the farmers' market, more tidying, taking six boxes of Stuff to the Salvos, shredding material that I am going to dye, folding material and putting it away, knitting madly on the shawl that I have to send off by next week (egads, I will need more yarn so I have to prep more fleece and spin it up), looking at the fruit trees that need to be planted (and actually digging a hole, and yes it started to fill with water!, and planting one apple tree), etc, etc. Fed the chooks their grain, which they gobbled madly. They love their grain, though there's nearly always some left over for vigorous scratchings in the pen - keeps them entertained in the morning, though Boldie screeches a LOT - she thinks she is a rooster sometimes. Wakes me up even! How to win friends amongst the neighbours, having a chook that screeches. Not very suburb friendly...

At last the end of the day was nigh, so I went out to lock the chooks in their pen for the night. I haven't seen fox activity here yet but with chooks it is just a matter of time.

No chooks.

Gap in fence with suspicious scratchings around it.

Suspect chooks are roosting in next door's shed, aka gazebo over their spa.

Hope they get eaten by foxes (not really. I'd prefer to eat them myself!). Rotten chooks. OK, they have started laying sporadically - 10 eggs to date in about three weeks.

Ah well, I've been whining about having to look after them - now mebbe I won't have to worry! I can just feel guilty instead.



  1. Oh no, I hope your chickens come home to roost!!!

  2. Hope your neighbors like boiled eggs...(-:

  3. So did they return wagging their tails behind them? Ooops, that's sheep from Little Bo-Peep, not chooks.


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