Because it is Saturday night and I am tired

G'day all!

It has been another big day here at the Minute Mansion (all 750 sq feet of it!).

We are *still* unpacking. Today I rode a whole 3.5 miles (or 5.5 kays) to a localish Target, into a headwind (the sea breeze) with the bike trailer bouncing merrily along behind me. First though I went to the material shop (fabric) to see if I could find some lightweight cotton voile for making curtains out of - our place isn't exactly private, though it is dark. Nope! unless I want navy or red. Ack. Those might be my footy team's colours but they won't help keep the space light and open.... So I bought some pretty cotton crochet yarn instead (at another shop). I'll prolly knit it on largeish needles to make some quick and cheap and overall LIGHTweight curtains so we don't have to have the blinds pulled all the time.

Then I did the credit card some damage at Target. I bought chrome shelving and a pine shoe shelf. We so need places to put stuff. I bought "sweater" racks - the things that hang off the wardrobe railing, I bought some blue wire cube things fort the fleece... I just went nuts. And I had to bring it all home on the trailer. The wind had changed direction and I had a heavily loaded bike trailer that creaked and groaned. You can guess what direction the wind was now blowing in....

And you know what? It all went together ok! The pine shoe shelving holds most of my African Violets (and cousins), the larger chrome shelf fits in the cupboard! (But now I don't know where to put the cubes cos they were going in the cupboard but if they go in too, where do I put the suitcases?) Why oh why do apartment designers forget to make cupboard spaces big enough for people who have more than clothes? Let alone make the cupboards useful for people who have anything other than hanging up clothes...

Pity about dinner too - I cut up a whole lotta buffalo and started cooking it, chucked in some spices and some vegies and left it with the lid on to cook through. Ooops. VERY black dinner. This would be about three out of four dinners now. I am just not used to cooking with gas any more!

So here are things that are amusing me at present, or I think are wowee or notable. Or I just wanted to inflict on you.

Weird cloud/light interactions

Asymmetry affects all parts of our lives it seems (open the transcript)

An article on "smart cities"

A greenie's paradise in Chicago

Carmen Vader

Cookie A's many sock patterns that I want to make.

I was gobsmacked to read that Exxon-Mobil admit they have been funding "climate denier" research.

Everyone must have seen the rap about the large hadron (phew, typed it right) collider by now?

I want this (natural spruce with white bamboo) or this and crikey look at these! I have a "thing" for Tiffany lamps, or copies, even if I don't have any and can't figure out where to put them anyway... A screen would be good cos people can see from the open front door to the toilet, or can see the under-dressed chap wandering from bedroom to toot. Hmm.

Looks like Twist Collective is going to be interesting!

Wanna see some interesting knitted/etc hats on etsy?

OK. That will keep you going for a while until I find the camera cord and download some pics. I could "entertain" you with non-knitting pics. Or mebbe not.

BTW, anyone got a good ratatouille recipe? Tomatoes and eggplants and zucchini are all flooding the farmer's market and I figure that would be a good thing to have!

Plus I am now on LinkedIn. What a weird place. Look for me there if you are on it :-)



  1. Congratulations on surviving your move - hope you get settled soon.

  2. Whew - you're moved in! Glad you got some shelving and storage. I always feel better after getting a bit organized in new place.

    Thanks for all the cool links! Color me not surprised by Exxon. I heard a statement from a NPR staffer that only approximately one-half of the US population believes in climate change, i.e., that we have made it worse and serious adverse are going to happen, sooner or later. I was depressed about that all day.


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