G'day all!

I would like to show off the massive progress I've made on Nathan's socks but really? Another 1.5 repeats is not exactly exciting.

Instead you get to see some other stuff.

Like the red tank I am making for myself.


It is a mixture of the Ballet Camisole that used to be on Magknits, now on Ravelry, and Soleil from Knitty. (Yep, too lazy to put the links in. Oh ok, I've added the one for Soleil as I do have the page handy, like one of a thousand tabs on Firefox.) I am knitting it with an 80% cotton 205 wool blend from cascade.

I've been working on my Mystery Stole 3.

For months it looked just a little further along than this:

Then it looked like this (black line to give some idea of where it was before I picked it up last week after it guilted me into doing something about it):


And two days ago it had this extra bit on it:

It now has even more repeats of the flower motif.

We've had some visitors recently:

(This devil came in the front door and when I grabbed the camera ran towards me! What is it with squirrels and cameras anyway? They seem to love them.)

(Pretty puss! Excuse the lack of removing the red eye. I presume she is a (godsakes, name has gone, umm, starts with t) tonkinese from the patterning on her points)


I picked up a great t-shirt from an op shop the other day. I love the print on it, though it's a pity that the tshirt is orange. Can't wear orange, not even for halloween. Yep, the op shop had a halloween stand already! I am trying to figure out what I can do with the print.



  1. You have had a spurt of guilt inspired knitting. Maybe the cat panel could be the front of a bag??

  2. Very pretty puss - was she following the squirrel?

    I like the idea of a bag panel for that T-shirt :)

  3. Anonymous8:38 am

    ohhh! Kitty pictures! That kitty looks like a lynx point siamese, not sure tonks come in lynx, but could be wrong...Kerry (occasionally at SnB Campbell)

  4. Beautiful red - and I love that you're mixing two patterns together.


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