The madness continues

G'day all!

No pics of FOs today. I have to find one of the socks that was completed before we moved. I also have to find its unmate that was made after we moved. Ahem.

Instead I will divert you with pictures of sock yarn pr0n. This would be a spoiler for the current STR club selection except if you haven't got the yarn and patterns by now, you really should give them/the post a prod.


I know that not everyone loves pastels, including Tina at Blue moon Fiber Arts. But I love them. Light blue, pink, mauve and light green all look lovely on me - being pale and blonde I am best suited to blue and pink-based colours. Yellows and peaches look atrocious on me, as do any of the yellow-based and tinted colours.


But this yarn, droollllll...


Mmm, yummy!

It reminds me of Fruit Tingles, my lolly (candy) of choice Back 'Ome. Just you wait until you see the pattern! It is a perfect marriage of lolly with lolly.

Of course I cast on after the madness of moving finished. Then I realised that DH's birthday is in another couple of weeks, so I have thrown the Goody Goody socks aside and started knitting some quite horrid yarn that has stripes of brown, white, dark orange and yellow. The quality of the yarn is Not Good but DH has tough skin (actually he has very soft skin that scars easily but he is not irritated by wool, lucky thing!).

Anyway, more distraction for you.

I was reading Crazy Aunt Purl today. She had a rant about planting stuff in the front yard, like having an edible garden there. I totally approve of edible gardens (assuming you are allowed to water them when they need water! Unlike in my home city where we can only water twice a week due to water restrictions). I totally approve of having lots of lovely plants in the front and back yards of a house instead of lawn. Lawn sucks time and money and resources like nothing on the planet. Americans spend $3.5 billion on lawncare products alone (not services). It looks nice and green, but imagine what you could plant there instead! Imagine what sorts of horrid things are being put into the ground to keep it weed and pest free and the water wasted on lawn. (OK, you might not want to plant food crops there if the lawn has been treated with DDT for the last 50 years but then again the whole front yard should be declared a chemical disaster zone too.) Of course some places won't let you have something other than lawn in the front yard - wildflower gardens can be seen as weedy. I don't understand the American obsession with having lawns - not just grass, no lawns that are manicured to within an inch of their lives. At least you guys don't scalp your grass like Australians tend to.

Rant over.

Hmm, some links to amuse you and get them off my tabs :-)

The Spanish president seems to have changed his look a bit.

Follow the link to "Running the Numbers" to see some truly awful sights. The amount of stuff consumed and thrown away each day in the US (and other places) is amazing.

I want to make Terra but I can't make it in wool cos I will itch madly. Any suggestions for substitutes? Cotton/wool blends seem to be ok so far...

I also want to make Wisteria but again can't use wool.

I signed up for the current Knitters for Knockers and I was going to do so before the YarnHarlot advertised. Gosh Steph can make or break a project!

I want to go to OFF but will I find any fleeces there? Am I better off trying to flog some stuff I have made to help make a little money to get me home for a visit? Does anyone have any info about having a hobby business in California? I've been searching online but they always seem to get into businesses that are meant to make $$$$ and have lots of employees. Mebbe I should talk to the town clerk here.

I love websites like Seed Savers. They make me want to buy a gazillion seeds and plant out a garden even though we only have a 2mX4m patio... And I love sites like Fire Mountain Gems too cos then I just want to go nuts buying beads and roll around in prettiness. I also need to find some rose websites. It is even better getting paper catalogues cos then I can drool in bed at them (which explains why the pages get gummed together ;-) Of course I am trying to reduce the amount of Stuff I buy - nothing that does not have a purpose. Some days I just want crud but I figure that is part of some emotional deficiency rather than actually needing that crud.

I guess I should get a pic of all the projects in progress. I've signed up for Mystery Stole 4, in a moment of madness. I haven't even finished MS3, though I have knitted all of Clue 2 in the last two days and started on Clue 3 last night. I've spun half the yarn I want to use and now am finalising the bead choice. The yarn is spun from a Nebo Farm steel grey merino ewe called Sarah (no longer with us) and the beads are tealy/turquoise glass (silver lined but do I use the shiny ones or the frosted ones) and silver. I've also got a red tank in Sierra (80% cotton, 20% wool) on the go along with a window curtain and four socks. Ack!

Anyway, have a good weekend, those of you who have not reached the weekend, and hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekend.



  1. ooooohhhh... yarn pr0n!

    I just got into Ravelry, I'm so excited, I hardly know what to do with myself there...

  2. I've had fruit tingles - they are super :) (Actually, I think it was you who sent them to me..) I can't wait to see what you make.

  3. The yarn is beautiful.


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