Argh! Do these socks ever end?

G'day all!

Tomorrow is DH's birthday. He already has his major present (an electronic piano) but he gets a pair of socks from me each year. Not just any old socks, no, socks handknitted by me. They are mostly orange socks, though he does have two pairs of blue handknitted socks cos I bought the yarn for me and it ended up being for him.

I still have another two inches to knit on the chevron ditto socks. I've been doing them two at a time on magic loop. I am blaming them for my right forearm getting sore, but it could be any number of things - riding pretty much every day except for two in the last two weeks, having to hang on to the coffee grinder whilst grinding coffee (I don't drink coffee, btw), knitting 5000 million gazillion items recently, compensating for my left wrist after I sprained it last week... all sorts. But what it means is I have to take frequent breaks. That is annoying as I can't get a good rhythm up, and I haven't got the things finished yet. I want them finished so I can knit other stuff. I have so much other stuff to knit! I am not good at being monogamous (in my knitting projects, though the doctor who saw m weeks ago thought I had four boyfriends and a husband - like one bloke at a time is enough for this little black duck!), especially when the colours are not my favourites.

BTW, for those who are nearby, come along to the Coop in Campbell Tuesday evening :-)



  1. Sorry for the arm pains. I hope you get all your socks finished in time!

  2. nothing wrong with having four boyfriends!

  3. Hope your arm heals up quickly.


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