Have you ever

G'day all!

Have you ever walked in to a shop and thought, "This feels right. I like it here!"

The other day the temps hit the old ton, or 38C. That was the day I decided to take my bike into Nathan's work, pick up some printouts that I need (why no, we don't have a printer cos the one we want does not have linux drivers) and then cycle off to places far.

I knew I had to ride up a certain road to get to the place I wanted to go and then I had to go a little west. It was a little tad warm but on the bike it feels cooler than walking cos you make your own breeze. I thought I only had to go maybe a couple of miles, say 3km. That is very do-able on the bike.

Anyway, I rode and I rode and I rode. I rode and rode a bit further. Then I got to the end of the road (literally) and did not recognise where I had to go, having never been there before. So I guessed the direction and rode that way, and you know what? After about 4 miles of riding, all up, I found the place I wanted to go to!

Bobbin's Nest Studio

Now why did I like this place? Mainly because Erin, the owner, is really nice. She didn't mind at all that this horridly sweaty, oops glowy, person lobbed into her shop and glowed all over the place. I hadn't noticed being sweaty outside cos it evaporated but inside a shop without a breeze.... She chatted to me and was very helpful as I tried to find the Baby Surprise jacket pattern in one of the EZ books. She even gave me her hairstylist's card wheb I mentioned something - I think it was something about haircuts and finding someone who can make fine baby hair (mine) look nice. Last time my hair was professionally cut was in Jan or Feb 2004. LOL On a different topic, oddly enough the previous night I had been bemoaning the lack of Hand Maiden/Fleece Artist stuff in SJ and guess what? They carry some of their lines! Oooh, lovely! Not that I bought any on the spot cos I am trying to be slightly good, but now I know where to find it!

Heh. I guess I should've taken some pics of the stuff I bought there. Oh wait, I just did! Most of it was on clearance - odd balls of Rowan cotton to try out, a Rowan book and before you all think I've become a Rowanette, some CPY Merino 5 (not on clearance) cos it is beautiful me colours and it is cushy!

I will have to do the ride again on a cooler day and take some pics along the way cos it is through the Rose Garden area of SJ and there are super cute (and super expensive!) houses and things like the Rosicrucian museum. Plenty to keep the eyes entertained as the brain fries and the legs pedal. Of course there are also cars to be wary of but if you pick the right roads not many cars go along them.



  1. Lynne! I just stumbled over your blog! Come back for the Shop Hop this weekend (Sept. 18-21)! We'd love to see you and it seems that it should be a bit cooler than the day you came by in August. ~Best, Erin


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