Do you feel old?

G'day all!

The fun continues here - it's all knitting, spinning, watering plants and hauling wood from the timber yard on the bike trailer...

(That's the wood to build the legs and rails of a table to stick our plants on - no top for it yet though cos I can't fit it on the trailer with the other wood.)

It's been stinking hot here recently and our flat is hot hot hot. Even though it is only 21C out at present, things have gotten hot. Yes we could use the air con but that doesn't seem to cool the place down a lot for very long. Instead we have fans going. Even the rangehood is on - it vents to the outside!!! Lawksamercy me, fancy having a rangehood that vents outside...

Now, if this doesn't make you feel old, nothing will. Yes Whacko Jacko, Michael Jackson himself, the bloke who was top of the pops when I came of age, has turned 50. Fifty. You could knock me over with a feather...



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