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G'day all!

The last few days have been mildly interesting. We have lost faith in the US health-care "system." We need to find a good doctor I guess rather than ones who come in to help out and have terrible bedside manner and underwhelming knowledge of conditions.

I found an aqua cashmere sweater at an op shop :-) It is being deconstructed cos it was a little small for me.

I trawled off to the San Jose Textiles and Quilt museum. (In wandering around the area I was bemused to find pavement stamped with the contractor's name and year the concrete was laid. 1956. The concrete that was stamped with 1956 was newer than the concrete surrounding it. Holy guacamole!) They had decided to do something a little different, for which one of the volunteers apologised. Americans apologise for the weirdest things, like the textiles museum allowing knitting as an exhibition. Anyway I went to see a knitting exhibition and a crocheted coral reef. The coral reef was done by local school children and was amusing. I am not sure that coral really comes in some of the colourways displayed but it was all very happy and bright, except for the corner piece of bleached reef. I would like to knit hyberbolic crochet but what on earth would I do with it? Use it as wash cloths? Send it to friends and family for them to work out a use for it? Some would say that it doesn't need a use but they live in somewhat more than 750 sq feet I'd guess!

The exhibition was of knitted art - sculpture and clothes. There were some really interesting/weird pieces, like a finger knitted wire "pillow" where the artist said that was how she saw her pillow when she had bad dreams - it had spikes sticking out of it and was most unpillow-like, or the "superhero" outfits, or the woman who knitted jumpers (sweaters) that reflected her worries and preoccupations, so one pullover had knitted bowling balls attached to the arms - her worrywort nature weighs her down. No pics of course - it's very naughty taking pics of artwork! Not even a postcard or two of it.

So instead, I shall show a couple of projects I am working on at the moment.

It is Nathan's birthday in less than a week. Eeek!


These socks have to be finished by then. I am now up to the point where I'll start the heel gusset - that's two more and a bit repeats from when the pic was taken. Note that I am doing them two at a time. Still not fond of that technique so I am struggling a bit between ucky yarn and ucky technique. The yarn is pretty average but it was cheap! Actually money was not the issue, finding something that was orange was - DH loves orange. I'm not entirely sure that it loves him back, mind.

I am knitting a curtain. I am mad. The curtain will take forever if I knit it for the front window so it is going to be for the bedroom window. The bedroom window is a bit more that 50cm high but it is about 3m long.


It's taken one and a bit balls of crochet cotton to get it to about 22cm (9") long. Only about 50cm to go! Hooray!


Feeling vaguely grumpy today. It may be lack of sleep. DH has been very restless recently (for those who feel game, google "The Worm Within") and things are not very fun. I need to find me a job that will entertain me and keep me occupied. I need some meaning in my life, and I know that a job isn't meaning but jeez it gets me out of the house and meeting people, with any luck. I haven't the foggiest where to start, except contacting the recruitment person who dealt with Nathan. No connections. No network. Most of the knitters I know are financial people and that is very Not Me. Hmm, grumpiness it definitely related to tiredness. If I am not careful soon I shall be putting my fist into my eye and wriggling it around and declaring, "I'm not tired!" when it is patently obvious that I am!



  1. Good luck with the job hunt. I've been feeling a bit urgh too so it must be doing the rounds.

    Those socks do look nice from a distance :)


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