Fibre page updated - spinners and felters

G'day all!

Had a very pleasant lunchtime - took a friend in to the spinners' guild and looked at fleece which I want but can't have (sob!) and had a good chat. I've applied for a couple more jobs. As a reward for trying to flog my skills like some sort of has been prostitute, I've spent an hour editing pics and getting them onto my fibre page. Now don't go looking for any bran there! I'll be putting up details of the alpaca fleeces I have, and I am liquidating the alpaca blend tops that I have - no point keeping them if I can't spin them! (I seem to be allergic to alpaca, the hypoallergenic fleece. Sigh. So typical of me!) I am sure that someone else will enjoy them a lot more than I will :-)

So spinners and felters, go look. The rest of you might not find it so exciting. I'll be doing the wool page again very shortly now that I have the fleece page almost up to date (minus the hand spun yarn). I have the pictures, I have the technology....

As a reward to anyone for putting up with the recent whingefest, I give you

cherry tomatoes! Oddly enough, neither Nathan nor I will eat raw tomatoes.

Pictures from sunset on Monday - so pretty!



  1. I don't eat raw tomatoes either. I love them cooked, but raw....eww.

  2. Since being preggers, raw red vegetables turn my stomach! I've taken to roasting cherry toms on the stem with a bit of balsmaic as well. Yum!

  3. I love raw tomatoes but I won't see any from my own garden for another six months. That pesky northern hemisphere thing...

    I missed your last post so I didn't know things were ugly in $$$land. Here, too. It's always a tough time of year for us but this year is extra dicey. The thing is, we get through it, and you will too, one way or another.

    You didn't mention anything in this post, so I'm hoping that means you're finding ways to make ends meet for one more day. Hang in there!

  4. I've never liked raw tomatoes, but I like them cooked. Cherry tomatoes are handy for skewering and grilling with other vegetables.

    Beautiful sunset!


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