Hey ma, hey ma, my husband's back

G'day all!

Stinking hot here. Dripping sweat. Yuck.

DH is back from Silly Valley. He warmed to the place but not to the job. The big G would have to offer him a fair whack of salary for him to move us there to work for a number of reasons, not just the cost of living there. It seems they want him to be a code monkey but that is not what he is good at - attention to detail drives him insane. However, problem solving is different (even though it takes nitpicking and attention to detail but it is tracking down things and working stuff out, not looking for one mis-typed character in 2000 lines of code) and ideas? You want Ideas? DH is your man!

Funny isn't it - Nathan enjoyed the area, which he was worried about, more than the campus and the people working at it. Anyway, it will take a week to make any formal offers. In the meantime, we are talking to HP as well cos there is a bloke there who would dearly like to employ Nathan at Fort Collins. And now Nathan gets home and finds one of his mates is working for the big G and he wants Nathan to work with him.

Does anyone from Silicon Valley read my blog? Do you use the train or light rail or bus? DH couldn't work out why people were sitting in traffic jams on the "expressway" when the train was rumbling past. Is is "bad" to catch the train? Is it only something that poor people do? Are people afraid of being mugged? It doesn't cost much and has to be cheaper than driving, and it seems to take less time if the train is just going past cars, etc.

We had a lovely drive on the way home from the airport. Locals will know how long this round trip was - Noble Park, airport (other side of town about as far as you can go - via the ring road it was about 70km, via the tollway about 45km), Wallan, Kilmore, Broadford, Seymour (we expected to go to the alternative living and farming fair there but when we found it was $30 entry and I only had $20....), Strath Creek, Kinglake, home. LOL. It was a long way to go to a place only to find we couldn't afford the entry fee!

Hmm, this is technically a knitting blog. Welllll I did get a fair whack of sock done yesterday at the spinning guild meeting - I took some yarn to show along with the hat I knitted out of the yarn I spun at the weekend spinning course. Once you do the show and tell you then have to sit around for the rest of the meeting and being a spinners/weavers' guild they are not at all fussed by people actually crafting whilst the meeting occurs. The good camera is back but I haven't taken photos yet and can't now - the cool change is coming through so it has gone very dull (and we might even get some rain!). I also started tidying the fibre room up - if we are moving to Colorado then I am going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff or at least compact it somewhat. Plus I have a LOT of fleece to wash. Can't leave it greasy.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have new photos for you! Yay!



  1. Hey there!! I just got my package and OMG. I am all aflutter. :D

    Drop me a line at divinebird AT gmail DOT com. I've already started spinning up the polworth. XD It's all so lovely and the YARNS...oh, the yarns. I love the names "snow" and "no snow".

    So awesome.

  2. i don't live there, but i can give you my guess as to why not many people use the train. the american psyche is obsessed with the car. and not just being in a car, being the one driving the car. i guarantee you most of those cars just sitting in traffic had one person in them, even though people who work together could carpool. our public transportation is rather sad, and really only useful for people who live in cities. a lot of people now live in the suburbs and commute to the cities where their jobs are. they could probably work out some way to use the public transport if they tried, but i doubt most people even think about it, it just never occurs to them. it's very, very sad.

    a woman i work with does take public transport (the bus) to work. it drops her off about 2 miles away and then she walks the rest, along expressways and across several dangerous highways. there are no sidewalks or crosswalks. i keep waiting for the day when she's not going to show up because some idiot talking on his cell phone while driving has clipped her or something. i live out in a smallish town in the suburbs, nothing is set up to make good use of the little public transport we do have. it's just never been made a priority. all of our taxes go to keeping the roads in good shape for all of the thousands of drivers. maybe when the oil runs out people will change.

  3. If it's any consolation, I don't believe you missed anything at Seymour. I've just blogged about our very disappointing visit to that same Expo.

  4. I agree with Wendy, public transport should be used far more than it is, but North American can't stand to walk and we love our cars. Now that I live in an area where there is no public transport, I miss it. I didn't like having to use it then though.

  5. Anonymous7:02 pm

    I do live in Silicon Valley and rarely take public transport. The transport networks are very limited, and slow, even compared to sitting in traffic. To get from our house to my place of work would require a 10 min bike ride, or drive, followed by 70 mins on the light rail (2 trains), and another 10 min bike ride at the other end (no busses or shuttles available). Plus all the waiting around for the trains. Even on a bad day the journey only takes an hour in the car. Plus you get to listen to talking books or podcasts.

  6. unless you're in a major metropolis like denver, chicago, or NYC, public transport sucks. i have a friend whose car was recently trashed by an uninsured driver, and in order for her to be at work by 8, she would have to get on the first bus that runs through her area, at 5:15 (and that's AM!). she could literally walk there in that time. however, she'd be walking through some dangerous parts of town. i try to walk when i can (it was gorgeous today (55F which i think is about 12C) and i walked one mile round trip to the drug store to mail some dvds (netflix rocks!).

    i know people who get in the car to drive 2 blocks. only if it's below 0F or pouring rain/snow, for me. i dunno.


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