G'day all!

I am now on the new Blogger. Ooo, err!

I've updated my shop and added some discounts.

I have stuff to talk about but no time - it just took me half an hour to get googlemail to accept me and we are expected for dinner in 20 minuts and the place is 20 minutes away.

To keep you occupied if you can't find better elsewhere, you can look at my trips page :-)

Back with a real post soon!



  1. Bah Humbug. That means I have to type in all the URL and all my name...Never mind, I am getting to be a good touch typist for a few words!!

  2. At least my new blog is finally doing what its supposed to do,it wouldn't accept my password etc and trying to accept invites etc also was a pain,I really cant see any benefites yet,everytime I went to change something it would tell me that I would lose info,I don't have the time to fiddle around making copies!

  3. Hello! I emailed you on 9 February about some of the yarn you have for sale, but haven't had a reply yet. If you've just been busy/distracted, no probs. :) But I thought maybe my email had been eaten by a spamblocker, so if you'd like to try emailing me at, I'd love to arrrange to exchange some currency for some yarny goodness.


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