holy guacamole!

G'day all!

Stuff has been falling from the sky! We've just had an extra bonus thunderstorm! It's pretty much blown itself out now, but in an hour our water tanks jumped up 25cm (about 10 inches). Woo hoo! They are now only about 10cm off full!

The lightning was flashing madly and the thunder banging and crashing, and here's me out washing my car with the rainwater and a dirty sock. One particularly close strike, less than a kilometre (maybe half a mile?) away made me reconsider my car washing strategy. (We aren't allowed to wash our cars even with a bucket of water under water restrictions, but we can go to a car wash place that recycles their water. I don't like the car washing places.)

Only two hours ago I was lamenting the lack of rain this month as I stood outside watching my plants crisp under the harsh February sun.

Still, they can crisp up tomorrow and Sunday - 38 is forecast for both days (or about 100F).

Here's an interesting tidbit for you - love is literally in the brain and blokes use slightly different bits to women. No surprises there, eh?

If you ever wondered what this "wimple" or smoke ring looks like cos the picture does NOT show any of the detail, Artis-Anne made one. Pretty, eh?

I must be turning into a Queenslander or something - I keep putting eh on the end of sentences and turning them into questions.

I bought a ball of yarn today. Naughty, aren't I? I am trying to avoid purchasing yarn unless for dyeing and even then I am being extremely cautious. Patons is putting out its new yarns for winter. There's only a few and only two are really new yarns, the others are re-releases (though the new Totem is really really soft - it is now top notch merino, not anything up to 25 micron somethign or other). After looking at the pattern book for it, I brought home a ball of shadow tweed in colourway 6911 (of course - it is blues, mauves and pinks - would *I* *ever* choose black and grey and white yarn! Or browns?) It is not pure wool but is very soft Can't wait to knit it up, but first I need to clean up the loungeroom, which strangely enough means cleaning up the fibre room first so that I can put all the fleece and yarn and stuff from the loungeroom in the room where it belongs.

I'd best get cracking. I have a busy day tomorrow and it will be hot, so I won't feel like doing much after going to the guild meeting in the morning/early arvo and them maybe topping it off with the Sustainable Living Fair at Fed Square. Nathan is back on Sunday morning and you know what that mean? It means PICTURES! New pictures! Plus I can update my new spinning site with pcs of stuff for sale - can't do that yet cos there are no pictures!



  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog & your comments and as my daughter Kath posted below , love your scenic photos also.
    I guess all us fibre freaksare the same& have fleece/yarn all over the house. I am supposed to turn my fibre room into a bedroom !! no chance at the moment.

  2. Hi back again :) Just been reading more of your blog and have to say how much I have enjoyed it . Hope things work out re jobs etc .


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