G'day all!

I am told that Mercury is in retrograde. For that I can blame everything going backwards here (including our bank account? Or maybe I can blame my lack of income for that...). I am also told that in the year of the pig you should be greedy and take chances, gorge yourself on the punt. I am starting to wonder if I shouldn't take a ticket in the lottery for tomorrow night. It is usually at this stage of my bank account woes that I start dreaming of winning a million dollars and not having to worry about money for a while. A loooooong while. I only want a million out of the jackpot of $33 million. Is that too much to ask?

I am quite fussed at present. Money is a BIG issue for me. I am going to ring up some temping agencies this arvo and see if I can't rustle up some work somehow somewhere. I visited one place this morning and discovered that I need a referral to get work through them. Weird.

I also have about 50 photos of stuff to put online. I am cleaning out some of my stash. Some I will not let go of cos I want it Too Much, but some of it I will not get around to using for ages and ages, years in fact if we do this Colorado thing. I just need to edit the pics. It gets to a point where there are so many pictures that I can't cope with them all. My coping bucket is about this (holds thumb and index finger together) big at present.

Here's the spinning I've done recently. We have some navajo plied mauve/taupe/plum, then the reds through browns and finally some white and cream moorit fuzzy yummy stuff. I think I'll wash some more of the moorit this arvo - I am very much enjoying spinning it. I might well dye some up too and put it online, all spun up and ready to go. That will take a few days though... You don't get to see the mohair/merino mix that I spun - it is a bit scary, especially since the only thing I had to ply it with was some white heavy laceweight and I wanted to make a novelty yarn. It certainly is that!

I've started making squares for a cat blanket. Nutmeg kneaded the yarn that I am making my scarf out of so I went and got a sad and lonely ball of it in red to make squares out of. She has briefly kneaded the first square shown here but gets worried cos it is not for her, or so she thinks. She is very very polite about knitting and spinning and *never* plays with stuff even when it is given to her. Very convenient considering how much fleece and yarn is covering the loungeroom at present... Anyway, I am loving the ombre effect of this yarn.

Here's one bad and blurry shot of the box of yarn that I dyed up over the weekend along with some that has not yet been listed. Lots of brights in there but there are also some dulls - misty mauves and greys. Note that I have done some bright orange! Me! Orange! It is very chirpy...

Okey dokey, time to go get some lunch, edit some pics, get them online and then start ringing temping agencies after 2pm!



  1. Just wanted to let you know that I loved loved LOVED the Springtime sock yarn that arrived last week. All the yarn you sent was beautiful, but my six-year-old daughter exclaimed that the Springtime was the most beautiful yarn in the world. I can't wait to knit with it!

  2. Whew - catching up with all your news! Where did February go?

    You sound so stressed - I wish there were something I could do! I hope you get some luck with the temping agencies. You did all that dying in one weekend?? Must go take a look at the store!

  3. Oh, I wish my cats were as nicely mannered as Nutmeg!!


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