Extra crufty

Not such a g'day all!

You know how I have been totally stressing about money recently?

Well Nathan didn't get paid this fortnight.

This means by the time the visa bill is paid, we will have not much at all left in our bank account for the next fortnight. From this we will need to pay bills, buy food and oh of course the mortgage. Now hopefully google will reimburse us the hotel money for Nathan's accomodation but it will not come through for probably a month. I believe this is the sort of time that one decides to make use of the redraw facility on the home loan....

I am so overwhelmed by my own idiocy that I am almost totally powerless. Why did I keep focussing on two or three months down the track rather than what was about to happen? There are no guarantees that this Colorado job will come through and whilst we may have money in the future, we don't have money now.

I have two online job apps to do, some other possible leads to follow up, and I really need to update the shop. Can I pull myself together long enough to get it all done? Many thanks to those who have bought stuff - it has made a big difference to me.

Hopefully next time I am online I won't have Yet Another Disaster (Dear All - YADDA, yadda) to relate. Cross your fingers for me!



  1. I love the way big corporations make their potential minions bear all the cost upfront. Nice going Google... Hope things are looking up soon!!!

  2. *hug* Hang in there!!! I am sending lucky money thoughts your way...


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