argh! Headless chook time!

G'day all!

We are running around like headless chooks (chickens) here. Nathan is flying out tomorrow to his in-person interview with the Big G. Here's us, trying to reduce our use of the car, and G wants to fly Nathan half way around the globe to have one day in the G-plex. sigh.

Anyway, I am going to go for a drive unless Cheshire's abscesses (yep, plural, on a cat who is not allowed out at night and can only be fighting her unsister...) get pus-ier. Most are looking better after lots of wiping with salty wet tissues and opening up. Annoying animal. I *need* this drive (although I am trying to cut down on use of the car) - the stress of all this job stuff means I have to run away a bit. But if I have to take the cat to the vet, not happy Jan!

I have been knitting. I have been spinning, LOTS. I have been playing with a number of my fleeces. I am very much enjoying the dark brown one. Me, spinning brown! I seem to spin a lot when I am feeling stressed. I don't have pics.

I let DH cut another hole in the wall. It made him happy, especially since it worked ok. He has pics. Apparently I am a very nice wife because I let him cut holes in the walls. His best mates' wives have total and utter hissy fits about that sort of thing. I am less fussed because I figure it usually is for a good reason. However, I will veto some projects (eg using a car radiator to air condition the study) - spousal approval includes the aesthetics of the project.

I am being utterly boring at the moment. I have a job interview on Thursday - hooray! The email telling me about the time (but not yet exact place) came from one of my friends who works in a similar, more senior, role. I have to pack Nathan's bag, or at least fold and roll his clothes up so he can pack it. I am trying to get details of yarn shops in Silicon Valley so he can go there and buy me something for Valentine's Day - he lands on Tuesday, US time (before he takes off from here! Did you Yankees realise you are behind the times? ;-), spends a day with the possible new employer and flies out on Friday evening. He gets home on Sunday morning - he loses a whole day in transit due to the date line. I've also been trying to get details of PT there - he won't be driving a car. We drive on the left side of the road. The US is on the right. You would not believe how hard it is for us to cross the road there, and if any Americans came here, they would find the same - all your reactions are just plain wrong. The places you expect cars to come from are all wrong, possibly fatally so. So PT it is. A bus goes straight past his hotel and links to various train stations so I figure if we point him to a bus then he can get a train and go to SF or whatever.

I'll leave you with some links:

For those who are into nutrition...
(note this was linked from Crazy Aunt Purl's blog but I already had it open after a friend sent it to a list I am on)

Some info about native earwigs (one of my least favourite insects - cockroaches are fine, earwigs are NOT!!!!).

A sideways knitted sock pattern.

13 unsolved scientific mysteries.

Two different versions of a story about "prehistoric lovers."

A facetious article on how to mark (grade) exams/essays/assignments.

A subject close to the heart of many of us. Chocolate, the blog.

Finally, I am unlikely to have new pics for the rest of the week as Nathan will take the Good Camera. This means I am stuck with the one with the fuzzy lens or the ancient one that I can't download pics from (though it still takes a good photo) - I have to wait until Nathan comes home to download it onto his laptop.



  1. Good luck with all the jobs. I am a nervous traveller in a plane, and I've been on big and little ones. I think little ones where the pilot looks 12 are worse!!! Yarn from The USA?? An excellent present. Happy escaping!!!

  2. Wow,good luck on all fronts(hope Valentines Day is good ,LOL)

    Im all excited too,a special box is arriving from the US tommorrow or next but garanteed by 14th Feb,I shall be posting at earliest moment......

  3. Best of luck to both of you on the job interviews. Is Big G what I think it is?! That would be pretty awesome methinks.

  4. Good luck to you and to Nathan!!

    Thanks for the links - the grading one was hysterical.


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