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G'day all!

How sweet! DH did actually go into a yarn shop in SF but he thought USD15 for 50g of yarn was a bit steep. He must've gone to the classiest (or at least most expensive) one in town! He did buy me a knitting novel/anecdote book from the Stanford bookshop (plus a book of jazz pieces arranged for piano for him) but somehow or another the girl have him the WRONG BAG and instead he came home with two totally different books, one by Ralph Nader and the other an anthology. I think we should write to the bookshop and ask for a refund of the money - after all they did give him the wrong books.... (OK, he didn't check them either but you expect to have been given the right books when someone puts them in the bag and shoves them at you.)

Well it looks like we *both* are going to the US in 2 or 3 weeks. I have to go get my passport replaced today.

We doubt Nathan will go work for the big G. He didn't enjoy the atmosphere and would have to be paid a LOT to work there, both for the atmosphere and for the cost of living in Silly Valley, oh and plus the sort of work they are looking at putting him into is not the sort of work he enjoys doing. If DH is unhappy with the work he is doing, everyone is unhappy. However, another mob want us *both* to come see Fort Collins in Colorado, check the place out, would we like to live there?

EEEEK! Gosh, this is getting serious! They are even trying to find me a job! If I have a job getting the right visa stuff, green card, whatever, is easier. But the whole thing will take at least two months.

To top it off nicely, we have a month's worth of money left in our savings. Plus replacing my passport will cost me over $250 and the car rego/insurance and the house rates are all due along with a water bill. Ack. (PS thanks to those who have bought yarn recently. I must do some more dyeing!)

Stressed? ME??? (You don't wanna know my body's reaction to stress.)

So what does a knitter do when she gets stressed? She knits! She plays with some new yarn and gets about 50 rows into an interesting scarf design before she realises that whilst she wanted asymmetry in it, she didn't want *that* asymmetric... LOL

So she rips it back and starts over, this time hopefully in a way that will allow the pattern to do its thang asymmetrically but within the bounds of the scarf itself....

Mr Sock got a fair whack of work on him over the weekend. He's looking good, unlike the scarf that is on my lap ripped back about 45 rows.

OK, here's a new segment for you. What Cheeses Me Off.

We live on a quiet suburban street. It is dead straight and just so happens to be a "short cut" that means people can avoid a couple of sets of traffic lights. All suburban roads in Victoria are 50kmh (say 30mph) zones unless otherwise marked. The number of cars that seem to interpret this to be 50mph (80kmh) is incredible. It seems to be a bit of a drag strip - how quickly can I get to the end of the road? It is particularly bad around dawn - occasionally I wake up around then and hear cars and motorbikes that must be doing close to 100kmh. That's double the speed limit. If a copper was sitting there or a speed camera, that is automatic loss of licence for hmm 6 months? and one helluva fine. But there isn't. So nobody gets done for speeding. Maybe I should write to the local council and whinge at them.

Dang. I've been working on a chart for the scarf and just realised 1.5 hours have gone by and I haven't actually gotten ready to go to the passports office yet, and now I won't be there until lunchtime, which is an horrendously busy time. Dang dang dang. Godsakes I annoy myself sometimes! Ah well, I am out of one colour dye so maybe I'll go to the guild first then come back to the passports office.

D'you reckon it was dry up where we were driving after picking Nathan up from the airport?

Nah! There's still the odd green bush and the faintest hint of green on the hills! ;-)



  1. What a sweet thing Nathan did, it is very cute in a man:knitting context!!! Will you ahve to have a biometric passport?? Are you allowed to smile in the photo?? It's all a bit 1984 for me.(I was going to say Big Brother but that reference has been corrupted by the show now. They'd all think you were going to be locked in a PO and the last person the be posted off gets the passport!!)

  2. 2paw's comment was very amusing. :-)

    About the cars racing up your street, I can understand that it would be very annoying. I heard a story once about someone whose local council/MP wouldn't fix a problem so whenever he/she was woken in the wee hours he/she rang the councillor/MP. What d'ya think?

  3. Both of you to Ft Collins?! That's cool, although not about paying to get the passport - ouch!

    Kristi is a local Ft Collins blogger and in their SnB group, if you want to get some more info on the area.

  4. With all the beautiful pictures you post of your surroundings, I can't imagine you guys living in Silicon Valley! It is not a fair representation of the U.S., on many levels. Every level.

    Good luck getting ready for the trip, though. If you are passing through Vermont, you know who to call....

  5. Things are getting rather exciting to say the least, hope the next US trip bears fruit!

    We get the ratrunners through our estate all the time, again they can avoid the crossroads traffic lights so they zoom round the narrow little roads (unlike yours, they are not straight and have blind corners!). At least our road is a dead end ...

  6. Well, you can't find a nicer place in the US than Calarada (although we all know that good old Oz, even though a tad dry, is the best place in the world).
    Hope you got your passport stuff sorted out.
    Remember that if you decide to go, you can always come back. Good to hear that the yarn is keeping you on track.

  7. A possibility of you moving to the US??? That would be exciting... stressful yes, but exciting!


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