Feeding the ducks on the Yarra

G'day all!

(disclaimer - feeding ducks bread is Not Good For Them but gosh it is fun, especially for the kids who had the bread. Plus an apology for having a serious addiction to the landscape mode on the camera ;-)

Hmm, I am not sure if I can squeeze in any fibre content to this post, so if you want to see fibre, look elsewhere!

Last weekend, Nathan and I went up to visit a new friend who is starting up an aquaponics business. (note, if you read the wikipedia article, Nathan does not approve of fully closed-loop systems as toxins can build up in constantly recirculated water.) Aquaponics blends fish farming with hydroponics. The fish provide most of the fertiliser and trace elements for the plants, the plants in turn provide the fish with clean water. The drive was good once we got out of town up beyond Warrandyte. I like getting out of town and into the more rural areas, especially if the driving is challenging.

The roads are twisty and turny,

and it's very hilly in the area, and dead dry:

On the way back, we stopped at the Yarra River (mainly cos when I say I am stopping here, Nathan can't exactly say no since I am the driver). We wandered along the river and I took many photos.

Some people have houses high on the north bank - no flood will reach them!

and a set of quaint stairs run down the steep bank to the river. By the time you've had a swim and climbed all the way back up, you'd need another swim on a hot day!

A popular past time is feeding the (most native) ducks.

The ducks enjoy being fed and are very tame with adults - one wandered right by my feet, like so close it nearly walked over my feet.

In other news, today I had an interview for a job at a local university as an assistant radiation safety officer. It was very odd being interviewed by someone I've known for 22 years, and finding out that she would be my boss and another person I've known since my undergrad years would be my boss boss, and the person who is setting up their database and doing computer stuff is an ex-boyfriend :-) The main interviewer was rather alarmed when I said he was an ex - she thought this meant we would fight, etc, but like 20 years have passed and we never did fight anyway. We all get along quite well, so at least I'd fit into the team. I'll know the outcome next week.



  1. Oh, good luck with the job! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Lovely pics as usual - keep it up, it's far cheaper than a flight to Oz!

  2. bon chance! (is that right, i usually only speak culinary french, lol. you know, croissant, buche du Noel, etc.)

  3. Good luck with the job! My fingers are crossed for you too.

    Your pictures are gorgeous and the ducks are beautiful. They do love the bread don't they?.

  4. Good luck with the job, Lynne. I hope you get it.

  5. Ok, that sounds very synchronous re: the job - I hope you get it!

  6. Love your pictures!! Fingers crossed on the job :)


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