Back to the grindstone

G'day all!

Long time no blog - the last few days have been a bit insane. Having spent most of the yesterday with DH in a computer science building, you would think I would have access to a computer. HA!

Anyway, looks like I'll be applying for various jobs here - I have two that I have to get in today. DH is bucking up against the idea of flying to the USA for an interview mainly cos the company is not answering any of his questions about the process, they don't bother answering emails for days on end, they appear to want him to do a job that he isn't interested in (no interest = no performance), they have scheduled the interview without booking the flights and want him to pay for the car hire, drive to their offices in an unfamiliar country on the wrong side of the road, pay for hotel stay (and they will reimburse him) plus there is the greenhouse gas issue - that return flight will put more carbon out than driving my car lots for a year. I can drive a long way in a year. The time for the interview is two hours earlier than any flight will touch down in SF. You might say well that gives Nathan a day to recover, but I usually find jet lag is worse on the second day than on the day you flew. I do not think they understand that Nathan will have been in transit for nearly 24 hours and will not be in any state to drive when he gets there. I feel the HR people have done very little flying, let alone have flown to Australia. They are really not impressing us at this point. We are getting the impression that it is such an honour being interviewed by them that we should bow and scrape and grovel to be allowed to work there.

So I had best get on with trying to find a job here. No grand adventure for us unless they will answer Nathan's queries. I am a bit sad about it all - it was exciting, now it is all gone bung. I thought I might finally be able to meet up with some bloggers and go to some big fibre events but instead I will remain in this little pond and continue to struggle. There are compensations though - the cats, the garden, friends, family, familiarity.

Now I have some pretties to show you. I did lots of dyeing earlier in the week. I took some of the yarn along to the SnB meeting on Wednesday evening to show people and came home with only half of what I took....

Without further ado, I give you

Tiger (orange black and white, will form a weird striping pattern)

Leopard (won't quite spot but has yellowy-orange spots)

Marta-black (rainbow colours on the same pre-dyed blank as tiger and leopard)

and then there is this one:

how pretty! Sorta jewel like colours.

Only when I split it into the two skeins:

oh dear... either ball of yarn is nice but they are not a matching pair, just a toning pair.

I have to update the shop yet. This has been a really busy week. I am not sure why but I haven't been home much so I've not had much computer time. If you like any of the yarn, leave a comment or email me (look at the top right hand corner of my blog for my addy). Tiger, Leopard and Marta-black are all $8 a ball. The jewel tones are $6 each and would be great for small projects - 190m skeins will make a lot but not a pair of socks for adult feet.

I should show off the other things I've been doing but no pics and no time!



  1. The mere thought of flying all that way scraes the willies out of me, let alone the car hire, wrong side of the raod and possible reimbusement!!
    Very nice dyeing. How very weird that Jewel tones made 2 differnt balls.
    Happy job hunting/applying/achieving!!

  2. If that is how the company is treating Nathan as a prospective employee, you can count on them taking him for granted, working him into the ground and treating him like a machine without a life outside of work. They will expect him to be there as the sun comes up and not go home until the sun has been down for a few hours. They will demand that he provide them access to his home computer so they can send him work at 3:00am and his cell number so they can call and pester on weekends and holidays. Best to turn them down flat and try to find a better place to work. Canada is a good place to live and work. Especially since we have a government run health care system. Getting sick won't beggar you.

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  4. GORGEOUS dyeing you have there! Love the colours!

    Sounds like DH is having a bad run with work. These new laws let the poor hardworker get walked all over and there is nothing they can do about it.


  5. I'm beginning to think this isn't unusul for US companies. A friend of mine was strung along with the promise of a fabulous fashion design job by a US company for over a year, until she finally gave up. Someone my agent was working with never answered her calls or emails, and I'm told this is pretty normal. Dunno if it's just a cultural thing - what we see as rude and unprofessional is acceptable there.

    Do you know anyone familiar with the US business world who can give you some advice?

    The dyeing you've done is beautiful. I'm dying (ha!) to knit up that gloriously colourful handspun I bought from you now that I've thought up a vest design to incorporate it into.

  6. Oh, I hope one of you finds a great job soon!

  7. Those colours are gorgeous!
    Sounds like that company might be more trouble than they are worth!
    We had a similiar position years a go,prospective offer of a job in Fiji,mining but it fell through and at the time I was dreaming of something new in lifstyle,but the military troubles that happened at time had me thinking that I may have been hiding in the bushes with five kids and keeping the youngest quiet at time would not have been possible,HaHaHa

  8. It is a shame that they can't videoconference the interview so that he doesn't have to fly all that way!


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