Off to Cairns

G'day all!

Well I am off to the airport at the crack of dawn tomorrow (literally) for the trip to Cairns. Normally I would look forward to going to Cairns but at the moment? Nope! I'll miss DH, the cats, having people that I know to talk to... my sleep (they know how to party hard!) .... the cool weather here - it is going to be around 30 celsius there but it's only been around 15 max here over the last few days (BRRR!)

I have the talk on a USB stick (gosh they are fab little things - my linux box talks to them and so does the PC laptop I've used at a friend's place), extraspecial food supplies, lots of socks to knit, Icarus (the shawl), my non-ipod, lots of clothes, the camera, batteries, reading to do on the plane so I don't look like a goose when they ask me hard questions.... toiletries, shoes, my itinerary and place I'm staying at. Pens and textas of various types to write on stuff for the talk. Hope that will do cos I can't take much more! (in more than one way)

I'll talk to you on when I get back, most likely Thursday unless I get deadly bored and blog from Cairns, so until then



  1. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Have a good time!!

  3. Knock their socks off, Lynne!

  4. Hope you have a great time(in more than one way, LOL)
    I'm curious how many socks you will do,I reckon you will do more than than I have in the last month....
    Have fun any way and best wishes for your Talk!!!!

  5. Hope yor have a great time and that your talk goes well!

  6. Have a good trip and a good talk.


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