10 Knittery Things About Me

G'day all!

Grumperina created a meme. I am playing too! These are supposed to be knitty things about me that you might not know.

1. I've knitted more fair isle and intarsia jumpers than any other type. This was back in the 80s mostly. Have you seen me do fair isle and intarsia recently?

2. I don't tend to knit jumpers any more cos I keep finding they don't turn out the way I imagined they would (or maybe I'm just fatter than I think I am!). Socks are relatively cheap and I wear them a lot, at least in winter.

3. If I don't have a sock on the needles I get twitchy. Socks are comfort knitting. Some people eat, I knit socks :-) (But those chocolate bikkies int he pantry are calling my name....)

4. I tend to be a bit lazy in my knitting, which I odd because I can be a total control freak. I will say "eh, there's a mistake five rows down" but not fix it up cos it doesn't worry me. 10 rows later I frog it back to where the mistake was....

5. I have lots of WIPs that get forgotten about for ages until they resurface in the fibre room. Sometimes I frog them, sometimes I finish them, most of the time they just go back in the box or bag and disappear for the next six months. I am a yarn and pattern floozy, jumping from one thing to the next, sometimes back to an old thing, often not.

6. I knit Western mostly but for needle sizes 6mm and above, I tend to knit combined cos it is much easier to scoop the yarn than wrap it.

7. Oooh, this is getting hard. You might know some of this stuff.... Believe it or not I now try never to buy yarn without knowing what I am going to make out of it. Of course socks are an exception - sock yarn is so versatile I can just say I am going to make socks out of this without having a specific pattern :-)

8. I am not a technically good knitter (see 4). I have become a lot more proficient at lace after experimenting and reading things like Eunny's excellent primers on lace knitting. I should try harder to be good but I knit cos I like doing it not cos I want everyone to think I am a really good knitter. Remember, this is all about me! Your mileage will vary.

9. I'd love to be part of a knitting group/tribe. I'd love it to be within 15 minutes drive of me and for us to get together and knit and chat and have fun. But this is me we are talking about and I am a bit shy.

10. Ten ten ten... must go and stare at stash to find a tenth thing.... I would love to design socks and jackets/jumpers/garment, hats, you name it. Despite 8 and the end of point 9, I want to achieve worldwide fame and adoration, but I just want to do my own thing at the same time and not get fussed about what others think. LOL

Suddenly I want to make a pair of red herrings only mine won't be those colours - likely black and some self-striping yarn cos I reckon it would be waaaaay cool. Plus there are some mosaic socks from Socks Socks Socks I want to make in the same self striping and black yarn combo. Argh! Choices! Decisions! Argh! Plus the latest STR Club stuff arrived today and I want to knit the socks from that but there are TWO patterns to choose from! Maybe I'll have to knit one set with one lot of STR and use up my other STR yarn, my only other precious baby STR yarn (cobalt bloom) in the other pattern! (One day I'll make mates to all the socks I knitted for the Knitty entry but at present I am off chasing after other socks. oooh, the joys of being uncommitted to just one sock....) Plus there is the Hipknits sock yarn and pattern from yesterday.... And I must work more on this swap scarf. I am not feeling the love for it at present.



  1. I found you in the KErrie's Place comments. I loved your "I took all your luck" thought.

    We sound similar when I read you Knittery things. Suffice to say I do get twitchy too when I don't have a sock in the works.....

  2. Oh yeah, must have sock in bag at ALL TIMES. I wish I was part of a more regularly meeting group of knitters - but I guess partially I'm lazy/shy...

  3. Great responses, I totally feel you on the sock thing. If I don't have at least one sock in progress, even one that I don't particularly like, then I start to get antsy. This from a girl who never knit socks before about a year ago...

  4. I always have a sock on the needles. It just doesn't feel right otherwise. We have a local group that meets just to knit and talk but I have trouble making myself go.

  5. Always fun to learn more about knitting friends. I am the same as you, such floozies we are! Starting projections is so much fun! Thanks, by the way for taking concern. I will be ok. And third (as you can see, still mentally disorganized), I adore your socktoberfest button. It is way cooler than mine!


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