G'day all!

Just letting you know I'm back. Had a good time in Cairns - will show pics, etc, soon. The talk was fine - I have to get all the negative stuff out beforehand and then I rev up a bit and yap away happily. I got home to find:
a) cheshire has a sore leg after getting out two nights ago and getting in a massive fight (did DH do anything about it? No, they have to sort it out themselves).
b)DH is having another thesis tizz (one reason why he didn't go stop the cat fight and get Cheshire in)

Now I have to go to the vets at the end of the road behind the greyhound track and see if they deal with cats as well as greyhounds.... sigh.



  1. Ahh, well done with the talk!! I have finished a sock with your lovely wool!! It is beautiful!!!

  2. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Poor Cheshire. I hope everything works out well at the vet's.

    Any mail come your way yet? I try to be a patient woman, I'm not really though.

  3. Glad the talk is done at least! Hope Cheshire is feeling better and Nathan is calmer about the thesis...

  4. Poor Cheshire! Poor Nathan! I hope they both are feeling a lot better soon and it all works out well.

  5. Welcome back, glad it went well with the talk.

    Hope Cheshire is OK, poor thing! Fancy being left with a gammy leg and you had to sort it out, I'd have hit the roof ....

  6. Good to hear that the talk went well. Now back to the good life of knitting.


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