Enchantment, no enhancement....

G'day all!

Today is random Monday. Yes, every day is random for me.

I did heaps of dyeing before I went up to Cairns. Here's some:

I did heaps more after I got home. Pics later. Must update the shop - I've sold a whole 2 skeins so far! Heh. At this rate I will pay off the yarn I've bought in about a thousand years. Wonder if the wool will last that long? Can you imagine someone in a thousand years saying "Oh yes, that's a family heirloom. Great-great-great-great removed 15 times Aunty Lynne dyed that in 2006. We keep it locked up in that special box - it is full of argon to help preserve it. And over there is a fair isle she knitted in 2010 - dunno why cos global warming meant that it was too warm to wear the thing."

Here's the sock that forms a highlight later on in this post. It wasn't finished here - pic from yesterday. No pics from today bar the stash enhancement (which I keep trying to type enchantment - freudian slip or otherwise?).

A little giftee from my lace pal - it arrived late last week:

Do you like the claws on the stitch markers? Makes them adjustable for larger needle sizes. (Excuse the crap pictures - it's been dull here for the last day and a half, if warm, and I can't get good photos.)

Some stash enhancement:

a bag of 8 ply Country wool in violet for a project to be decided - some sort of hoody I reckon, though it will need to be supplemented with some magenta I reckon, or maybe some black. That bag of yarn cost only $15! Cool! If only I had had more cash on me I would've bought more of it and some baby yarn and some Jet in violet, and some Jet in magenta....sigh.

A Harmony guide to aran knitting - only $2!

Some fleecey enhancement:

7/8 corrie, 1/8 finn sheep. It is washing up a treat and is very very bouncy. Yum! Can't wait to spin it but I have to do nearly 400m of stinky alpaca. Alpaca is dull to spin - no bounce to it, just drape. No give, no flex, just drape. Or at least this cria fleece is dull. I much prefer wool I've discovered. It is bouncy and yummy yum yum!

Speaking of processing fleece, I *love* washing fleece. Love it. Honest! Fair dinkum! I love putting this greasy stuff into bags and gloving up and sticking it into troughs of hot water with wool scour (strong coconut based detergent), cleaning up the tips as best I can, watching in amazement as the water goes (in the case of the corrie/finn wool) a strong coffee with just a dash of milk colour, then rinsing rinsing rinsing (being careful to minimise water use) and getting white fluff.

Highlights from today:

Buying a body wash that smells like chocolate. Do you think I'll smell like a choccy bikkie (translation - chocolate cookie) if I use it, or will I just smell like rancid cocoa butter?

Buying this, but for less than the sticker suggests:

and discovering that my favourite episodes still tickle my funny bone as much as they ever did (and discovering that I have strong visual memories of them too). Oddly the stuff that was cut on the editing room floor that was reinserted has a timer running on it - sorta off putting. Then again, you really know what was edited out!

My favourite little ho jumping on my lap and turning upside down for a good belly rubbing. When I stop, she rolls over more and one golden green eye opens a slit and eyeballs me - more! C'mon, gimme it! She's behind bars in the photo below.

Finishing the sock that went missing for three days. Hooray! I even *enjoyed* the 2X2 ribbing, even when I stuffed it up cos I kept trying to do 1X1 ribbing. Holy heck, what is wrong with me?

Being able to start a new sock, or maybe knit some more of the jacket I started ages ago, or maybe some more Icarus! or maybe I should find some abandoned projects and finish them or frog em.

Dropping a six pack of DH's beer (stubbies) and not having a single one break! (Unlike in WA - I dropped two and BOOM! All over our host's kitchen, mostly under the fridge.... sigh!)

Unhighlights (other people would call them lowlights):

Re-discovering that I am allergic to alpaca fleece even after I wash it. I have about 2.5 kilos all up of alpaca including some suri. It is going to go visit some nice people who will make it nice for me.



  1. Ahhh, still can't find MY sock!!!! Lovely dyeing and excellent bargain!! Hoodies are 'in'. Of course, I am making the Central Park Hoodie with no hood!!
    Every day is random for me. At school I had a structure, now I'm not at work (and it is 5 years!!) I have no idea what day it is sometimes!!!
    It is animal belly rub week I think!!

  2. Anonymous7:32 am

    Very pretty colours on your dyeing.

    I'm so happy you got something before the lace swap ends. I hope your parcel doesn't take as long as the post said it would.

  3. Love the results of the dyepot, sooo pretty. And very bargainous 8-ply there is a wonderful purple!

  4. Sounds (and looks!) like you've been getting loads done. Is there some way you can promote your shop among Oz knitters???

  5. Oooh! The blue/green/purple thick thin yarn is beooootiful!

    A purple hoodie sounds fabulous.

    How do you get alpaca to be non-allergic?

  6. so, if you can't wash it, can you spin it? is it the breathing part, or what?

  7. I do love Cheshire :)

    Beautiful colours!


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