Can you spell p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n?

G'day all, again!


I just got off the phone to the bank (OK, I forgot to post this for six hours). You know those cheques I put in? Well, two were in my name, not what my birth certificate says, aka what the bank calls me.

I've wrangled the bank before and got them to put aka Lynne on the account.

Anyway, during the conversation, she says "It says you are also known as Nathan."


My dreadful secret is out! I am actually a cross-dresser and my stage name is Nathan! There are after all male clothes in my wardrobe, but then again they are for someone a wee teensy tad enormouser than me!

(I guess the lady was foreign - she couldn't say the sh in my surname, instead saying f - and she might not know Nathan is a boy's name.)

Which reminds me of a run-in with the Post Office many years ago.

A friend sent me a parcel, which the post declined to deliver. They left me a card saying go pick it up. So I presented with my card at the local post office.

They couldn't find it.

The kind mailsorting lady asked me if I would like to go and search for my parcel (!! what a breach of privacy!). Why should I see if I could find it? Well she had forgotten her glasses and could not read anything closer than a very long arms length, and the other person only spoke Chinese!

LOL! So neither of the mailsorters could do their job (except for the Chinese scripted addresses that came through)! No wonder I had lots of trouble with my mail then! One couldn't see and the other couldn't read English!

My handy dandy tip for the day:
Made sure you at least cover your bike's saddle when it rains. Otherwise you hop on and ride off merrily until you feel a squishy, squidgy feeling oozing in through your pants.... ICK! Then you keep riding anyway cos it is Too Late! You are already wet and transported back more years than you care to imagine to your very early childhood....

It is now two months since I was in paid employment. HOORAY! If I was not a tad worried about money, this report I am writing up and the talk on Sunday, I'd be happy as a clam! Even so I am pretty darned happy :-)

I have my International Scarf assignee and have emailed her. Mine has left a teasing comment on my blog. S/He has the advantage of me I fear cos my blog has been around for a while and is not a group blog (unlike my pal-ee), so my pal can work out a few things I like, like COLOURS!

(Admin note - Rebecca, email me at natiel3atyahoodotcom if you want more info about blogging. Thanks for your kind comment and I hope the pilchers work well :-) Which yarn did you buy?)

pics of hideous yarn next. Except it has now been dyed and is noicer.



  1. i, too, am gloriously unemployed! well, technically, i'm still employed until the 15th, but it's nice to be paid to sit at home & read blogs! however, the dishes call (ugh). nice stuff!

  2. Hehe. Sounds like Oz is just as mixed up as the UK is!!

  3. Happy Unemployment Anniversary!! You seem so much happier despite all the not-money!!!!

  4. happy unemployment that something we should be celebrating? lol

    Cant wait to see yarn.


  5. I would love to do nothing but what I want for a few days...I have just been told that I have to have my Criteria set out to get this job(full time) in 6 weeks when originally it was like 6 months!!!( to give me enough time to gain some good things to put in it,)They keep changing their minds so my week end will be full of resume writing...Goverment departments!!!!!!!


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