My new baby

G'day all!

Thanks for the kind thoughts re 2 unemployed people - things must be endured for the time being! Plus it is hard to be glum when the weather has been over 20 degrees for the third day in a row (but never fear, it is going to make up for that next week! Back to 14 and 15 degrees - blah) and spring is arriving in dribs and drabs .

Keep your comments about socks coming - it is interesting to know how others make socks. I started doing toe up cos then I'd always have enough yarn - I was totally paranoid about running out with 1/2cm to go on the toe....

Do you want to know what my new baby is? You can get a sneak preview here. It is a bit clunky yet - I am trying to work out how Paypal will let someone buy more than one ball of yarn if there are 5 that could go, so for the time being if you would like to buy some yarn, email me with the details of the yarn(s) and your postal address so I can let you know the total price including postage (and insurance if requested).

One day I will take pics of what I am knitting, but Yet Another Sock (Jawoll!) and the Never-ending Sleeves of Despair do not make that good viewing, particularly when the pics have to be imagined - they don't exist yet. Instead, I give you a little gem from the garden - a Brachyscome multifida



  1. Your baby looks good.

    Would loooooooove some yarn but maybe at a later date.

    I'm on a bit of a UFO drive at the moment and also a bit of a self imposed yarn diet.


  2. Beautiful flower!

    I knit with four DPNS. I could never get on with circs.

  3. Lovely brachycome daisy, we have them as summer bedding plants here.

    Sorry to hear of your unemployment woes, keeping appendages crossed!

    Yay for the yarn page. People, Lynne's yarn is fab, I have the proof! :-) As regards amounts, if you're using the Paypal shopping cart, it should just let them edit the amount within the cart, I think.

  4. It's looking good so far!

    Mmm, that silk is tempting... But, I so don't need any yarn! Eeeeep.

  5. oooooooooooh shop looks fantastic!! Gorgeous wool you gor there.

    Flower is really pretty too.


    P.S. You have to get in contact with me and tell me if I paid for that wool or not! I cant remember! If I didnt I will get right onto it (assuming Hubby didnt delete the email with all the info).


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