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G'day all!

The latest meme is 5 unusual/odd things about your pet (whatever).

Well I guess I shouldn't include the Husband in this, should I?

5 things about Cheshire

(She isn't as precariously balanced as it might appear - the camera angle is wonky :-)

1. Cheshire is one of those cats that knows *exactly* where to sit or walk to get in your way. Especially when you are in a hurry and have managed to wind yarn around your feet and are already unbalanced (and not just in the head). OK, this isn't very odd at all. She is after all a cat.

2. Cheshire loves helping with the weeding. "Oooh, things are moving! Let's jump on them! Why did the Hand That Feeds squall and start rubbing her hand and yell at me?"

3. Cheshire loves beating up Nutmeg, and playing innocent when we yell at her. (See #5)

4. Cheshire loves sitting on paper - given a choice of sitting on a piece of office paper on the floor or a nice rug/bed/seat, she chooses the paper. She will also choose a lap or will sit reclining on Nathan's chest.

5. Cheshire has big green loving eyes - you can always tell when she is very pleased about something. Those big green loving eyes are also shortsighted or astigmatic cos she is terrible at judging distances and jumping up on things. They are very very good at playing innocent.

5 things about Nutmeg

1. Nutmeg often looks very grumpy, yet she isn't. She has only once scratched me (by accident) and has never ever tried to take me on (unlike Cheshire, who usually thinks the better of it *very* quickly). She greets people she knows with pathetic little wailing mews, and stands up on her back legs to smoodge your hand.

2. Nutmeg is a hedonist. She constantly looks for pleasure and will throw herself upside down on your lap to get her belly rubbed (and will stay there for half an hour). She is allowed to sleep on the bed because she stays pretty much in one place all night (unlike her unsister who gets cranky at about 3am and insists on being let out and in and out and in and out of the bedroom).

3. Nutmeg prefers to drink fresh water out of the tap. If the water in the bowl has been there for a while, she waits for it to be filled with clean water. (We can only imagine Nut is saying, "Oooh, yuck, Cheshire spat in it! Cat spit! Yuck!")

4. Nutmeg loves water. She doesn't like being in it but it fascinates her.

5. Nutmeg is a very good climber and has been found on top of the wardrobe with the chicken mesh doors! She climbs ladders and pantry cupboards as well. She is good at jumping too, so she often climbs up things or jumps up on things so she can ambush Cheshire in revenge for being attacked so often.

I promised you evidence of knitting! Well take this!

and that!

(Yes there is a Jawoll sock at centre front in that lot of yarn - the evidence of some recent dyeing and handspinning can be seen there too. Yes the picture has a bright line across it *and* is blurry - the camera didn't want to focus for whatever reason. Stupid thing. We need a new camera! Buy some of my yarn so we can afford one so you don't have to put up with blurry pictures!) (I"ve identified the bright line - it is almost undoubtedly some of my hair)

The first pic shows how the black and white jacquard yarn is coming up after I dyed it pink. Cool, huh? I will try dyeing some in a self-striping pattern over the jacquard, see how that looks. Remember, if you want me to dye some up for you, I am happy to ($7 a ball plus postage, one ball = one sock up to a ladies' large/man's medium foot).

For someone who is unemployed, I seem to be rather busy. I've been dyeing even more yarn and tops for spinning - it *is* an obsession but it keeps me out of other mischief. I've spun the UGLIEST yarn in the world! The dyeing didn't work as expected and it is going back into the dyepot to be overdyed with red to see if I can't at least make it look half-decent. I've been avoiding working on the research I need to do for my talk, and I have to work a LOT on Nathan's consulting paper, but I figure I get benefits from that as well, like MONEY. The money bags are still dwindling but could be worse.

Oh, I've updated my sidebar and my yarnivorous yarns link now points to the new page. Am still considering Etsy. Any experiences there?

Must write paper. Must go to bank. Bank wins! Bank shuts at 4ish, and I have cheques to put in that we've been accumulating from various sources. None of any great consequence, alas!



  1. Anonymous11:45 am

    Beautiful kitties.

    Try e-mailing someone who has a lot of stuff up for sale in their Etsy store. Most would be happy to share their like and dislikes about Etsy.

  2. Oh, very cool jacquard!

    And fun to read about your kitties.

  3. I enjoyed reading about Cheshire and Nutmeg - great pictures of them too! What is it with cats and sitting on paper.

    I like how the black and white jacquard came out.


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