Avast, me 'earties!

It be talk loike a poirate day todee! (No link - the page won't load for me so I guess lots of people are looking it up :-) I be wishin I was on the igh seas right now cos it be warm ere, warmer than Oi'd loike it to be already. 21 and 22 degrees C are plenty warm enough for me at the moment, and what do we get todee? 28!


I must be thankin Chris for pointing out the flamin obvious - that I should be targettin Australians to sell my yarn to. Unfortunately alf the Aussie knitbloggers I know dye their own yarn and the rest is either too poor to buy it or too snobby to use *oo yuck* *how quaint* *Australian yarn?* (But it's not Rowan! It didn't cost $15 or $20 a 50g ball! I can't use that!)

I be admittin it neer occurred to me that Yankees would not buy yarn from Australia. Cos why they be botherin? They be havin plenty o places to pillage oer there! Places that be only selling to other Yankees, not to land-lubbers in far flung places poirates be enjoying visitin! Even the Pommies have places to *buy* yarn from - but they be more outward lookin too and be used to buying online.

This gives me much to think about. Mebbe I be best spinnin up yarn and dyein it to sell through the Guild. Mebbe I be best keel-haulin my white yarn stash and makin stuff for me, or makin up kits for bags or whatever.

Yet, I have yarn to display on this here Jolly Roger so I'd best be showin it off:

Green self-patterning sock yarn. A green version of the pink socks:

Blue/purple, pink and black/white self striping, self patterning sock yarn. It will self stripe on top of the pattern in the pink socks. Too fancy eh?

Ooops, now I am eyeballing Etsy and looking at all the sock yarn places. Dang - someone else has made some yarn especially for me, except it isn't and Oi can't afford to buy it at present, and Oi prefer some of her other colourways. But she spelt me name right and all!

Ah, stuff the pirate "accent".

Gosh, I like this one too. Typical me! I should stop looking.... until I get off my butt and go find a job. When I have some money coming in then I can consider buying yarn, shock horror, from OVERSEAS!

Or maybe this one.... dyed by a BLOKE! An engineering student! The engineering students I remember from uni were much more likely to enjoy drinking 500 beers if they didn't have to pay for them and throwing up on their flannie shirts and moccasins....

See that pile of fluff? On the right we have unwashed alpaca, in the middle the spun stuff and on the left the combed tops. This is the stuff that is killing me slowly.

I took about 800g of it to Supasoft today and in a month or two I'll get some lovely clean carded fluff back, stuff that I don't have to process beyond spinning it up or blending it and spinning it. Hooray! I hadn't actually taken it all out of the bag cos it was squashed in quite tightly and I knew I'd never get it back in, and I was right! It made a big pile on the floor and will probably take 2 or 3 garbage bags once it is all carded! I had a long chat with Jenny, the person who does the cleaning, washing, picking and carding - ie the person who owns and runs Supasoft. Have a look around their site - they have pics of the carding machine.

Hmm, lots more pics of dyeing to go, except I haven't taken them yet. LOL Ah well, I'll get some Paypal going on the yarn site and we'll see what happens!

Oh, remember the pic from the other day - the one Dreamcatcher worked out?

Yep - turn it clockwise and suddenly it makes sense!



  1. Ha, that picture does make much more sense turned, doesn't it!

    Glad that my comment was useful... I think there's probably a niche - you just have to find it! Look at Sundara, etc...

  2. Love the dying you have been doing! Especially the selfstriping yarn!!!R

  3. I think to get the attention of os buyers you need to create something unique, that they can't get locally. Like that UK site that sells natural dyed yarn. Perhaps something with a uniquely Australian flavour, too.

    And for local buyers, offer products they can only get overseas. Why pay international shipping when you can get it locally? I just bought some handpainted sock yarn from The Knittery, an online shop in Victoria. What a relief not having to pay international postage!

  4. Arrr!

    I think your yarn is lovely. Good luck with sales - let me know if you still have the laceweight :)


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