Alas my comments

Gday all!

Blogger is being very naughty and may not be letting you comment at the moment. Also after an outage 10 days ago, it may have eaten posts and/or comments (but this should be fixed now).  Blogger peeps know there is an issue and may have already fixed the internal error you  might get when you try to comment.  Sorry if you have been trying to comment and it won't let you.  You can always email me at natiel311 at gmail dot com.

I'll be back in Sydney on Friday and will blog a bit more then about more interesting stuff :) I might even blog along the way if anything interesting happens or I see some good stuff and get phone pictures.

If you are extra lucky, I might ramble a little from work in the morning, but maybe not.

Today's picture is of Johnston's creek/canal in Glebe, run through the comic filer on my phone. The canal looks beautiful at high tide, yes?



  1. nice blog:)

  2. ahhhh Glebe! I used to live there in a single time in my life! Good memories, bad memories, but def fond memories of Glebe. I wonder if the Lauderette, that I used to live above, is still there!

  3. I am just writing this to see if I can comment.

  4. Yes I Can!!! There was a whole lot of losing posts and comments going on. Basically I would have said glad you are well, nice hair, pretty good running???


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