Mother's Day Classic

G'day all!

A totally perfect day in Sydney today for the Mother's Day Classic. A little chilly in the morning but sun sun sun. Bliss!

We walked a little over 4km to the start line.
(I have a new haircut and have recoloured my hair pink-ish)

We walked 4km around the course.
Argh, how more iconic can you get, unless you are in front of Uluru instead. My home city, Melbourne, so needs an icon. I guess we have our trams but other places (yes, you, Adelaide!) are starting to muscle in on them.

Finishers are grinners!

We walked a little over 4km home! Over 12km all up or a bit under 8 miles. I prefer kilometres myself - they sound a lot more impressive.

Do you like Nathan's dax? (pants)

He made them himself! Plus he made my sleeves.

It isn't too late to sponsor me! Thanks to those who have sponsored me - I really appreciate it even if I can't email you directly.

I admit to having a rather slack afternoon looking at pics, editing them, not getting them all online and also doing a bit of sewing. I finished a new dress/tunic that is technically a muslin but if I dye it a different colour will be very wearable. I worked more on a quilt gift. We went out for tea to my fave Thai place. After a day of slackness yesterday, doing knitting, a little walking, a little bookshopping, and hair dyeing (pink), and eating out with a workmate of Nathan's, it has been a very pleasant weekend. Hooray!



  1. Gorgeous daks and sleeves!! You walked sooo far, but you look spectacularly fabulous!!

  2. Those are great pics of you two! What a beautiful looking day and place for walking. Love the fab pants and sleeves!

  3. You two look GREAT!

  4. Looks like a wonderful day -- and you both look terrific!!


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