New glasses

Gday all!

I have new glasses.

They are blue.

They are a little old fashioned, or as I like to say, retro.

It isn't the most flattering pic but will do for one taken by my phone under a fluorescent light :)

Tomorrow I drive the next 560 km to Sydney. I left a little late today but for once it was not a case of "just one more thing."  Nope this time was me checking the tyres and noticing one of the nasty cheap things put on by a previous mechanic seemed to have a ripple in the side wall.

Convenient that not 20m away was a tyre place, eh? And they were not busy and came and looked immediately.

Sidewall was delaminating, or in more simple terms, the layers were coming apart. (He used little words.)

I am so glad that
A) I checked the tyres, and
B) We have the spare cash to cough up $160 for two new tyres on the spot

Otherwise I might have had a blowout on the way.

I'm also glad that they were not terribly busy and had a suitable size tyre or two in stock for my ancient little car.

Ancient little car has not sloped a beat so far :) If he does, that is why I pay for roadside assistance.

That was a very long way to say I like my new glasses :)



  1. Safe trip you busy woman you. My internet has been on the slow go for the last two weeks so I'm just catching up with everything now. congrats on the good test results too!

  2. Blue glasses! Just what I've been looking for for a couple of months. However, I really want metal frames with the springs in the side, not plastic. My colour choice always seems to be out of fashion when I want new glasses, regardless what colour I think I want.

    Safe trip back on your new tyre.

  3. That was so sensible of you to check the tyres, you must have had an inkling. It's a what bad luck, what good luck story.
    Yes very cool glasses. I like them, they suit you!!

  4. Fab glasses! Hope your journey was smoother after the tyre thing.

  5. I think you have gone way too long in saying that you love your new eyeglasses because you really can't travel without wearing those! ;) Aside from using those as an accessory, they're really helpful for you to see the road clearly, right? How about contact lenses or lasik surgery? Are you considering those? Hmm. All of 'em can enhance your eyesight.

    --Karina Chiodo


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