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G'day all!

Yesterday I discovered that the long awaited Denyse Schmidt fabric, Picnics and Fairgrounds, had hit our local Spotlight stores. Spotlight is our version of Joann's.

We don't have the full range of prints that the USA has, but we do have something a little different.

Denyse Schmidt Australian collection

Our own set of 10 colourways. That makes 31 colourways all up, though we only get something like 26 of them, if we can track them down!

Now I know that some peeps will be desperate to get their hands on this fabric. They will want to be, because a set of 10 FQs will cost around USD60, including postage, or 40 pounds sterling. But if you want some, I can get you it, or cut up what I have cos really, it isn't so much me. Just let me know. And of course if you are in Oz and can't get to a Spotlight, I'll be happy to help you out. Plus postage won't be such a killer.

I have to admit that I've been more impressed with Spotlight recently. They changed fabric suppliers. Their quilting fabric is a lot better quality. The homespun is the same price but is better quality. The range of dress fabrics is stuff you would like to make dresses out of. Service is still a bit dodgy but there have been enough staff at my local Spotlight to do the job recently, including helping customers, not just cutting material or taking our money.

The rain dried up quite a bit today. We got something like 90mm or 3.5" of rain in the 36 hours up to 9am this morning, which is a lot for where I come from, though not so much for here! That amount was half the yearly rainfall in San Jose whilst we lived in California. Having never lived in Sydney, the only things I know about the weather are it is warmer in winter, when it rains, it dumps, and summer tends to be sticky with more rainfall than winter has. Sydney is almost subtropical.

Now that I have Helmet in Sydney, I can settle in more. I cannot say how much I enjoy walking around the place, but for some trips a car will make it so much easier (like taking the sewing machine for a service, as I did yesterday, or being out later at night after the last bus has run). Apart from yarn, everything is in a fairly easy walking distance. If I care to walk 4km, I can walk either into the city or to Newtown and get yarn there. Driving is not an option to those places - parking, if you can find it, costs a bomb, and traffic is a nightmare. But I don't need more yarn at present - I have several pullovers-worth with me, yarn for a further two pairs of socks after I finish DH's socks in progress (started them in ?Feb? and they are still not up to the heels. I am doing them two at a time, though. But will they ever end? This is the problem of doing navy blue socks. Dull dull dull!). I don't need more fabric either cos umm, I bought some online recently and Scroatfight has some nice fabrics in and umm, well... at least the sewing machine should be in fine fettle now and ready to take on some dresses and quilt tops and backings and quilting. In between doing important things like earning the money to pay for our hobbies.




  1. Hi Lynne,

    They are pretty. I have found my machine since moving but think I will have to haul a pile of stuff out to find box with accessories etc. I was contemplating going to Birkenhead Point to see if there was anything to make a warmish skirt . Now I find my quilted silk jacket is falling apart on the cuff. Perhaps some braid or wide ribbon would repair it.

    If you found the Bunnings I think you mean, then come have tea/coffee with me. I'm next block down the road. It's very light here and you could knit your navy socks.

  2. meant to add: parking in Newtown if you go to Granny Square. If you were to come up Missenden Rd almost to King Street, there is a street on the left, Campbell. Often parking there. Nothing much around uni if you drive up City Rd.


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