Did I say busting a gut?

G'day all!

Doh! Had a busy weekend and STILL have not edited photos from last week's costume party.

I always seem to be busy. Poor time management I reckon. I go do things and then feel like a sit down. So I sit in front of the computer and stuff around. Though today I've spun a heap of yarn. I brought my wheel up from Melbourne. But I forgot the spare bobbins! DOH!

I also left the other sewing machine in Melbourne, plus its transformer. Y'know the sort of stuff that you can't really put in a suitcase and bring on up in a plane. But I did bring plenty of fabric 8-) I just have to get the Janome serviced as the bobbin tension seems to have disappeared and it makes an odd squeaking noise sometimes.

Little Helmet ran like a champion on the trip. He was much nicer to drive than the rental car, even though it had all the mod cons, because he doesn't pull viciously to the left. He did slow down on some of the big hills but that is ok cos the drive is now pretty much dual carriageway all the way. Noone got held up cos he slowed down. The road only gets to single lanes through some of the remaining towns still on the highway in New South Wales. They will be by-passed soon enough I guess but for the nonce they are welcome distractions from hammering along at 110kmh. Oh yes, my 20 or 21 year old car sat quite happily between 65-70mph (ok, except up long/steep hills) *and* got less than 6L/100km or roughly 40mpg. Americans would probably know a very similar car as a Geo Metro but here they are Suzuki Swifts/Holden Barinas. Getting over 500km from most of a tank of petrol was pretty darned good I reckon, especially given the last 30km or so/hour and a bit of driving/being a little lost was in Sydney traffic.

Today we found the local Bunnings (Home Depot equivalent, what's the one in the UK?) and bought some storage shelves and some more plastic storage tubs. I want my bookshelf back for books rather than storing linen on it. Plus we are accumulating more and more stuff (new and from home)and I'm still not happy with the cupboard whiffing of mildew even after giving it a coat or two of primer. We worked together to put the shelves together and it was, if not always fun, very rewarding. Then we went out for afternoon tea 8-)

DH looks a bit smug about the new shelving. I'll be making some extra quilts or hangings for them to cover them up and make them pretty. My breast cancer quilt made for me by the chaps over at the Red Barn Co Quilt Along won't always be covering the bottom half of one set of shelves, though the zigzag quilt that was my second ever completed quilt will most likely grace the others for quite some time to come.

Golly, it's suddenly become late. Time for bed! Sleep tight and



  1. Your little car did well. I am very happy to get 450-ish km to a tank around town.If I ever drive on the highway I like to sit at about 90. I feel happy there. I always let people pass. Hooray for books in bookcases.
    Afternoon and Morning Tea are my favourite 'meals'!!


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