Oh blessed fiery ball in the sky

G'day all!

Bliss! 1.5 sunny days and my solar batteries are all charged up again. Hooray!

Last night I discovered that I still can't sleep if the TV is on*. Even if it is upstair's TV that is still on at 3am in the morning (and has been on since about 11pm - they keep odd hours). That is when I found a spare pair of DH's earplugs and BLISS!

Interestingly, I can only find one of the earplugs now. I have NO idea where the other one went. I checked under the bed, under the pillow, by the bed, in the bedside drawers, under the tissue box...

(*When I was a child I was convinced that the best shows were on after my bedtime. Mum would often find me peeking through the folding doors into the loungeroom where she was watching all of these best shows - Graeme Kennedy's "In Melbourne Tonight," "Mission Impossible," "Star Trek," (no original series needed as there was only one then), "The Avengers," all sorts of good shows, all well after my bedtime!)

I've been given a versatile blogger award but I am still getting my list of 15 new (maybe new to me) bloggers together. So I am being slack!

You think I have not been knitting?

I give you


DH in his new hat


(Still can't believe I had never heard of popcorn ceilings before I went to the US and now I can't blasted get away from the things - you would think we are back in San Jose with that roof!)


I thought it would be such a quick hat but the ribbing became a little tedious, maybe a lot tedious... If nifty looking. Top down, my own pattern in Nundle's luscious 8ply (more like a worsted weight but I'm not complaining!) bought at Coffee and a Yarn in Newtown. The colour in the second pic is pretty close to the mark - it is a bright orange, maybe a little redder than the second pic but brighter than the top of the hat pic.

Since it has cooled down here a bit, I started work on my new hat.

Here's the yarn,


and just to give me a treat, some more 1X1 ribbing! Yay! (I really should do ribbing continental as it is much quicker to move the yarn that way, even though my version of picking is rather quick anyway).


If you look beyond the Anzac Bridge in the background you'll see the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I love the foreshore. In two directions it is about 5 minutes' walk away. Yesterday at the end of the day I nipped down there for a bit of knitting and a sit in the sun, for like 15 minutes before it set. It sets amazingly early in Sydney - around 5pm and we are a good six weeks from solstice yet.


Without the waterfront, I would be sunk (hahahaha, no pun intended). A little one bedroom flat with no patio is not my cup of tea, but it is survivable because not far away is this beauty.


Bizarre thing of the day. I walked to the local stationers to get some office supplies. I walked along various lanes (must do a Victorian on the move post of the laneways) to get there, then tried some different roads on the way back and ended up on a road I walk every couple of days. There was a 14 or 15yo blonde girl harrassing an African (Sudanese or Somali or Eritrean) looking boy of a similar age. She was trying to extort money out of him. He was telling her he didn't have any to give her (he had an Australian accent/vocab so he wasn't a recent refugee). His friend was standing up with him, her friend was looking a bit nervous and hanging back like she didn't want to be there. I went into the chemist (pharmacy) to see if they had some stuff I wanted. As I was looking at various skin lotions, I heard a commotion outside. It sounded like the girl had ramped up her attack. It sounded like she was a one girl brawling machine. I decided that I was REALLY interested in the skin lotions. I admit I didn't want to go anywhere near the outside of the shop. By the time I had found something that met most of my requirements, the noise had pretty much settled down.

When I went out there, a couple of coppers (at least one female) were manhandling the blonde girl into the back of a paddy wagon. She had a screaming kicking fighting meltdown in there. "I don't wanna be in here!" and must've been hurting herself she was thumping the thing that hard. About 10-15 coppers are there, a van of them has just pulled up, the copper standing by the paddy wagon is looking rather alarmed by the girl's ferocity, and the friend is still looking horribly embarrassed and being asked by a copper, "Is she usually like this?" A woman down the road is being asked questions by a constable who looks not much older than the girl.

I have never seen anyone have a meltdown like it (and I've seen some doozies and probably chucked a couple myself). She was totally out of control. I dunno if she was on drugs or coming off drugs or what. It was like a toddler wanting wanting wanting, only a 14 or 15 year old can do it much better. I'm rather glad she wasn't a bloke. I sorta wonder what will become of her and I really hope her friend decides that she is better off finding someone else to hang out with whilst the blonde girl is sorting her head out.



  1. Gee Lynne you live the most interesting life! I think even in Kal we havnt seen too much of that ..yet,I did have a family get stuck into it while I was waiting for son at hockey,Ive never knitted so fast or concentrated so well so as not to make any eye contact,LOL it can be scary,and yes you are prob right,she was after money for a hit

  2. Love the view, it would certainly make all the difference to a flat with no space.

    Hubby certainly looks happy with his hat!


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