Six years

G'day all!

How time does fly.

Six years ago today, a poor old bloke started his last mayday. He didn't see it out. I miss the person he had been but I don't miss the poor old codger who died - my father had long moved on.

Today Nathan made me a lightweight lymphedema sleeve, rather handily too as my proper one didn't dry after I washed it last night. He finished a pair of running shorts. I did a little shopping, we went for a rather long walk (OK, it only turned out to be 5.8km or 3.6 miles) and generally managed to pass the time of day without doing a whole lot.

Soon I will have a new quilt to show off. I took pics this morning but they are very blue and a bit hard to adjust the colour of. I have nearly finished Nathan's new orange cap - I am on the cast off. Then I can start mine cos some days, well nights, it gets a little chilly here.

Did I gloat about my new little bag? It is a little ripper, seen here with the yarn for Nathan's hat and four Sally Wise books (cost $15, mega-savings as each book by itself costs $18-25 usually).


It is technically a bag for baby bottles. I have no baby stuff, not having a baby, and the pockets on the outside are very handy for stuff that needs to be accessed regularly and it is just big enough to take the necessities and the current knitting WIP. It was $15. There was a bigger bag for the same price but it was gold and yucky pink brocade and the zipper was busted (not that that is an issue as I don't use the zipper on my bag anyway). I am much happier with turquoise-blue and black brocade.

Maybe I should pull my finger out and finish Nathan's hat so I have a knitting FO to show you! You would think I was doing no knitting at all. I've had to slow down due to the lymphedema, or more correctly the sleeve I have to wear as it doesn't allow me to bend my elbow easily. I can bend my arm but if it stays bent, it starts really hurting after 15 minutes or so. There's a thickened band across the top of the crease of my elbow, where it is most painful. It affects everything that I have to bend my arm for. I am learning to type with my arms not so bent but knitting and sewing have to be close as I can't see them otherwise, stupid ageing presbyopic myopic eyeballs, bifocals here I come.... I often take the sleeve off so I can knit. That is bad but not crafting would drive me crazy and that would be worse!

Speaking of lymphedema, I discovered some fantastic sleeves and gloves at Lymphedivas. One of the issues with the sleeve is that it is very dull and boring. It is brown and made out of a tough, cellular knit with lots of elastane to keep it compressing. Dullsville. Well take a look at these babies. I am going to ring my lymphedema clinic and see if they would be suitable for my needs cos holy dooley I want some of them, even if DH does make me a couple of standby sleeves.

Time for beddy byes in preparation for a new working week.



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