Can you believe it?

Morning all!

I just went down to the shared laundry to do a load of washing.

Well there was a BAD smell there. Like baby nappies after they start eating solids only worse. (Please don't tell me that baby nappies smell glorious cos honestly, they don't.)

I put the washing on then stuck my head out the laundry door.


The sewer has overflowed.

Gross me out.

So I came back to our flat and rang the strata title people. (Three goes at not typing poople. sigh) They have to deal with all of the shared issues of the property (body corporate or HOA type thing).

They said they will get someone out on MONDAY (it is Friday here) to look at it. I'm like no, there's poo and toilet paper on the ground, and they are saying oh it's only a leak and the person in charge of it is moving offices today. Monday will do!


So DH rang the rental agency, who are going to hassle the strata title people.

When I went back to the laundry to leave a sign on the door, warning of the poo outside, another resident was down there. She also rang the strata title people and managed to get through to someone who can do something. I only talked to the very obstructive receptionist (it was before 9am).

Apparently they are going to send a plumber.

I knew there was a reason why plumbers get paid big bucks.

Alas, I had to hang my washing out near the poo. I hope it doesn't reek after this.

I also had a very instructive talk with the other resident. Her stuff is getting mouldy and mildewy too. She lives a floor above us, so it isn't just us being on the lowest level. (actually we live half a level up, very glad about that cos otherwise it could be the drain in our bathroom that overflowed. I have a constant fear of that as you can hear EVERYONE's water/etc flowing through it.)

back later with normality. I hope.



  1. Ugh - and just love rented accomodation...I had a management company tell me "Just don't use the bathroom this weekend"... I don't know what they thought I was going to do in a 2bd 1ba house... Hopefully they fix it soon.
    Good news on the lymphodoema too...

  2. Terrible!

    The wife and I had a similar situation in our first apartment. We had the misfortune of being at the ground level all that sewage bubbled up into our apartment. (Out through the dishwasher, kitchen sink, and floor drain in the furnace room) It was a mess to deal with, and they at first tried to keep our deposit. I called the local news station and they wound up QUICKLY giving us our deposit back.
    Hope it all works out for you.

  3. All I can say is - oh poo! (-:

    BTW - told spousal to take any trip offered to the Sydney I can come along!

  4. @Dennis, I'm not sure I'd want to keep those deposits!

  5. Yucky Lynne hope your still coping and the stick hasnt forced you out!


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