Up at the crack of dawn

G'day all!

Actually, I'll be up before the crack of dawn tomorrow... 5:30am. YIKES! I have to fly to Melbourne for a training course. 7am flight. Have to be at airport by 6:30am. Normally I'd take the tram and the train but I figure that tomorrow I'd best take a taxi.

Oh, I also should get the details of where I am going eh? Thanks for reminding me! LOL

It's going to be a long day as my flight back leaves Melbourne at 6:15pm. I'll get home sometime around 9ish, just too late to get some takeaway for tea! But I might end up having leftover roast chicken, though I'll be having that for lunch if I can keep it cold enough.

Things are calming down here, thank heavens (and thanks for your responses :-). I'm too busy at present to worry about being lonely. The place is still fairly musty despite me cleaning it from stem to stern several times, spraying tea tree oil around, sprinkling the carpets with bicarb.... I reckon it is endemic to the place. There are signs of rising damp here and there - welcome to Sydney!

I have so many pics to share with you but no time to edit them and get them online. This area is very pretty but dull for the crafter. I've discovered that if I go for a little walk down the hill, I can take a bus for two sections ($2 one way) and go to Newtown! Hooray! (If I catch it at the closest stop, it means three sections and that costs more.) Newtown has two yarn shops I believe and is funkier, as one would expect from a recently gentrified area.

I expect to be knackered on Friday. Last time I did something like this, it took me a week to recover. I am fitter than I was then though, although the mildew allergy is giving me some strife. Still, I might make it onto a bus. I also want to find my way to the "local" IKEA. I have this driving urge to go look at their fabric. I've been reliably advised that I don't really want an Expedit shelving unit as they are fiddly to put together and not entirely sturdy. Boo. (DH says that the Billy bookcases are not that great either but heck the things I've got range from 9-15 or so years old and have been loaded with heaps of books over the years and haven't fallen apart yet or even scratched up. Except for the shelves that didn't make it to our house when we moved from the rental to the current place, but that is sorta different 8-)

Whoops, it's after 10pm, I must to bed! I have most of my stuff ready for the morning - I have to take a mountain of food with me as there won't be any I can have on the plane in either direction and we didn't think to put my food reqs in with the training booking. So I have to self cater!



  1. Glad things are settling down a little, even if the damp is rising!!
    I hope you enjoy your training day, and the chicken stays cold.

  2. Sydney is a bad place for those who do not like the damp.

    Our Billy bookcases have lasted longer than our marriage - whoops, that sounds bad! What I mean is that we are about to be married for 22 years and the bookcases arrived at least two or three years before that. They have been constantly jam packed are moving with us to the new house still looking pretty good and extremely functional. I was in IKEA last weekend and there is some cute fabric atm. Though most their current furniture sucks.

  3. Hi Lynne. Hope you survived the day. There are op shops along Glebe Point Rd and Vinnies on Parra Rd opposite park. Bowls etc perhaps?

    Ikea is open Mon-Fri till 9:00pm. Was there a couple of weeks ago and liked most of their fabric. New Spitlight at Drummoyne too but I don't know stock. Reachableby two buses.
    Whatever you do, don't go to Ikea at weekend!!


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