Significantly unimpressed

an addendum to the last post (of mine, not the music!)

I stopped at a petrol station today to fuel the car up, ready for its return. I decided to pump the tyres up as they have been going down every. single. day.

The tyre inflator thingo was out of order as someone had stuck it on 60psi (yes, we still use psi even though we are in all other ways metric).

The guy at the petrol station said go tell the guys at the tyre and auto place next door - they look after it.

The manager at the tyre and auto place said one of his boys would check my tyres. How nice!

The "boy" comes out and looks and says "Those tyres are bald! I'm not touching them. They are sh*t. You'll have an accident with them in this weather!"


And the rental company says they will give me a free day's rental.

I think I want something more than that.

Company starts with B by the way and is something that we do each week with our households and governments do each year...


  1. No surprise that you skidded then :-(

  2. Oh Dear lynne that was close


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