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G'day all!

Ah the fun continues here in Sydney. One never knows what is going to happen next, but let's just say we are trying to find a new social group.

We went to see Sir Terry Pratchett talk on Sunday evening. We had been looking forward to it for ages. Well it was a social disaster - we didn't realise certain people who don't want to associate with us were going - and a bit of an all round disaster for Nathan because Sir Terry talked about death and suicide a whole lot. And that raised a few bogies for DH, reminders of people he knew and one person he saw splatted by a train. That is the problem with having an amazing memory - it remembers the bad stuff that many of us gloss over and forget. So after looking forward to it for ages, umm, not so good. Then his work friends started shunning both of us, and we are not really sure why. It seems like it's time to be 15 again.

But we did get to go into the opera house - I've never been inside. I would like to hear the organ in there thundering away. I am sure it could thunder and make my insides wibble like jelly :-) (That is another thing I miss about Campbell - Nathan was allowed to play their fantastic organ and gosh it could thunder :-)

I must talk about my little trip to Newtown sometime but today I really wanted to talk about a book that I ordered, a book that arrived last week, a book that I am all enthused about.

After seeing Cindy 2paw's now not quite so new book, I had to have one too.


There's not that many patterns in it, really. There's a skirt, a dress/tunic and a jacket. It is the length and the trimmings that make them different. But I really like the concepts presented in the book and was enthused enough to race out to find material to make a dress/tunic.

I had to remind myself that I want to go subtle. I don't want to be loud and proud, well not until I know I like the style and it looks good on me. I found many fabrics I really liked in Quiltsmith but they were a bit too loud for me yet. But if the pattern works?

Of course after buying some nice material, I realised I need cheap material to make a muslin out of. Muslin is technically a light weight cotton fabric, in Oz it tends to be a fairly open weave, coarser than voile but fairly sheer. (I know it is different in the US.) In this case though, a muslin is the draft version of the dress. If I was at home, I'd have plenty of fabric I would sacrifice to the cause but up here? I think I'll have to pop along to Vinnies and see if they have any suitable sheets.

Anyway, I wandered around and found this material, with a mate and a couple of ring ins from scroatfight, to make the dress/tunic possibly of my dreams, but maybe not.

Yep, I chose batiks. I thought they would be relatively subtle but still distinctive. The ivory and the herringbone go quite well with the others in natural daylight and under fluoro lights.

But I need to get some material for a muslin. I am so itching to start this project. I keep distracting myself from it but argh! Want to make it!

Then I have to see if I brought any of the material up for a 1950s frock, oh and a pattern. I've been thinking of making myself some nice frocks for a while. It's just that I am lazy and cargo pants and a tshirt are easy/relatively effortless. I don't really want to go out and buy a new pattern as they cost at least $10 here, even on special. I did rather go crazy in the US and buy a number of patterns every time they were on special at Joann's.

Finally, I said goodbye to another old friend today.


Yep, I sent the Dyson off. We've had it for 10 years but they are subject to a recall as the handle can split open and expose the live wiring of the controls. Our poor old thing was starting to show its age - it still worked well enough but the powerhead was a bit dodgy. So we will get a new one for cost price. But I am a little sad because I get attached to things, which I know is ridiculous. When things that have given me good and faithful service die or get sent to whatever heaven they have, I feel sad and vaguely like I've betrayed them by not looking after them well enough or just plain getting rid of them.

Oh, a big shout out to our friend Gibbering. Thanks for being there and giving up some precious time when we needed it :-)



  1. Not a copy cat, rather I think you are right up there with current trends!!! There are only three patterns really, but I agree, the presentation and suggestions are very inspiring.
    What is it with people who are forever in Grade 5??? I wish they would grow up. I am sad to read that Mr P's visit was not a resounding success for you both.
    Vale Mr Vacuum Cleaner.

  2. I also have that book and intend making something from it, sometime.

    My Dyson, which is an upright, is several months older than Angus, therefore about 15, and still going strong (after a couple of operations at various times). I will be devastated when he dies (the Dyson - well, Angus too I guess!) but don't anticipate that happening any time soon.

    Bad luck about Sir TP, that should have been so special. And I echo 2paw's comments about Grade 5ers :(

  3. I really like that dress.
    I too get sentimentally attached to inanimate objects especially when they are helpful around the house.

    Just letting you know that I'm awarding you with the Versatile Blogger Award.

    I'm also passing the rules for accepting this award:

    * Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their site in your original post.
    * Tell us seven things about yourself.
    * Pass along the award to fifteen newly discovered bloggers.
    * Contact these bloggers and let them know they got this award.

  4. Ah the joys of people who don't grow up...NOT. My sympathy on having to deal with people who have no guts to stand up and admit they may have a problem and allow you to address it so you can all move on in an adult fashion. Who knows what it was all about, probably something quite trivial, but disturbing for you both nonetheless. Enjoy playing with your dress patterns that one looks particularly simple and pretty.


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