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G'day all!

I cracked it today.

All week I have been cleaning, cooking, cleaning up after cooking, managing to get work done in between shopping trips (we have cutlery and crockery here and a chopping board and one good knife and some utensils and pots/pans but no mixing bowls or stuff like that - the accessories), I've been encouraging DH through doubts and fears, I've worked like a navvy.

I've dragged loads of shopping back from the shops at the other end of Glebe Point Road (and whilst it is technically is only 1.7km, or a mile away, but it is mostly downhill on the way there and uphill on the way back and on the way back is when the trolley weighs a bit. (better than having to carry it all myself though!)

Today I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen - we were going to have a guest and I wanted it to be nice for him. We had breakfast out with some of Nathan's workmates and oh gosh, dullsville! They were excited about what they were talking about but they are computer geeks and knew what on earth they were talking about, to a greater or lesser extent. But for me? Like putting pretty much any of them in the middle of a group of knitters discussing Wollemeise or something. Dull dull dull.

I discovered several things today:

a) I didn't bring the triangular ruler for one of my quilts with me.
b) I left the battery charger at home
c) I am bored and lonely.

I only realised the last when I went looking for something "special" and "nice" for me at the shops. Didn't find it though. It will have to pass a high bar of specialness and niceness and a low bar of affordability.

Glebe is lovely. It has many quaint terrace houses and is on the harbour. It has a number of nice cafes. But it is deadly, dully boring for me. There are no craft shops, no crafty get togethers here. If I go for a 4km walk, I can go visit Newtown, where there are both. But that is 4km there, a walk around Newtown looking at stuff, then 4km back. I could hop on a tram and go into the city and get on a train and go to Newtown but that will probably take me hmm, well over half an hour for the tram and then I'll have to find out which train line and what ticket I need to buy (SYDNEY FOR GODS' SAKES, GET YOURSELF A DECENT TICKETING SYSTEM WITH DAILY TICKETS THAT COST LESS THAN $20 TO BUY IF, HEAVEN HELP YOU, YOU WANT TO USE A BUS AND A TRAIN! And whoever decided the trams should be on a different ticket and run by a different company should be shot, hung, drawn and quartered)... If I walk I can go through Sydney Uni's campus, which has some very excellent buildings and some not so excellent ones... Oh and don't suggest a taxi. That would eat up my small budget. Did anyone realise that we lost 6 weeks of DH's wages? Given that four days of his work equals my entire month's pay and we were well into renovations....

So I have the grumps well and truly. They will blow over, they always do. Maybe I will walk back to Broadway tomorrow and find something special for me to eat for tea. DH is going swimming and won't be home for tea. I think. But that may change.

(Check out my house blog if you want a pic. But it might hurt your eyes! Be warned...)



  1. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you

  2. You should be able to get a bus to Newtown - check
    You can put in the address you're departing from and the one you're going to, and it'll tell you the best way to get there.
    Hardest thing I can never work out is the bus fares - I never know how many sections I'm going!

  3. I am sorry you are bored and lonely, I expect Broadway will cheer you up, show tunes are very cheery!! I like Oklahoma!!
    I hope you find something very nice for tea.

  4. I just want to give you a great big cuddle. :( You are such a trooper and deserve something nice. *shouts*

    D'ya hear that, universe?!!?

  5. Chin-up Lynne. I'm glad you have somewhere to moan about this - and hope that you are feeling better now.

  6. Lynne, you might not think so but to me your life sounds so exotic! And not just because of your bathroom colors. You're in Australia; you can't get much farther away from where I am, and it's a different season. How exotic is that? :-)

    I hope you find some good transportation. Cheer up soon.

  7. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Hopefully once you have settled in a bit more things will improve. Hugs!

  8. I'm with the others in hoping it's all just teething problems and ups and downs. Hang in there, once you work out a couple of things it will all seem a little easier despite how frustrating it is right now.

  9. Lynne,I still don't have proper net access after move. Getting ther. At parramatta Rd end of Glebe Point Rd is Victoria Park on other side of road. At Sydney end of park is City Rd and all buses up that road will go past Granny Square. If you want to go to other sho, ask driver if he goes down Kimg Street to St Peter's or Tempe.

    Tickets? Buy a travel ten ticket from Newsagents. 10 trips. Heavily discounted and the cheapest travel ten ticket will get you down City Rd.
    When my access is enabled in next few days I'll be back in touch. We could easil meet somewhere and whole I have comport freaks for sons, I'm OK.


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