I came, I saw, I Ikeaed,

G'day all!

I've been busting a gut to get to an IKEA for ages.


Well. Hmm.

Service was non-existant. They had some nice sized plastic storage boxes, but no lids! After tracking down someone with an ikea shirt on, the boy looked and said "No, we don't have any lids for those boxes. People take them." And then he wandered off and played with the batteries! I kid you not. I rather wondered if he has Aspergers.

I usually like their fabric but today, meh. I liked a couple of the doona (duvet/comforter) covers but not for what they wanted for them. I've got two up here and they will do. Sometimes their sheets are cheap *and* good quality but the cheap ones today were just that.

I bought a cheap lamp. Now it did say on the description "suited for IKEA lights blah and blah" but it was not obvious that I had to buy them on the spot. Now that I look at the box, it does say excl E27 and E14 on the top only. I didn't look at the top, I just grabbed the box from the pile of them. I am sure I am not the first person to not read all of the labels and then get peeved that they can't have a nice shiny bright light in their dull little flat. I mean duh, yes I should've guessed it would not have lovely breakable bulbs in it - why would it? But argh. So I guess I'll be off to the shops tomorrow to get it some edison screw light bulbs. I should check and see if our light fittings are standard bayonet fittings - these edison screw things are not standard in Australia.

At least the little fabric storage boxes I bought fit into the non-IKEA shelves :-) Of course I liked the kiddie ones - the adult stuff was so dull and boring! White, black or black and white. Blah. Who would not choose red and orange or aqua and green boxes?

I was very tempted by a certain sort of chair - I sat on it and liked it and if it hadn't been in a square box (too hard to strap on to my shopping cart) I would've bought it. For all it was bent wood, it was comfy. And a good price too. And might be able to withstand Nathan. However a friend is bringing over a spare chair - we need a better chair at the desk than the one we have at present. Armchairs are a little low for sitting at a desk at...

I did have a most interesting trip up there. I caught the tram to Pyrmont then took the ferry across to the spot where I thought the Parramatta River ferry went. Ah, no, not until later in the afternoon. Now if I had walked across the bridge to the Darling Harbour terminal of the ferry, I would've caught a ferry that ran a whole HOUR earlier!

But I didn't. So instead I tooled around, taking pictures of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I shall have to download them and share them on my travel blog. I saw the Manly ferry cutting its way to Circular Quay (anyone apart from Aussies know that reference?). Then I caught the Betty Cuthbert rivercat up to Meadowbank and walked to IKEA. (Note for self, watching one youtube video of the music of my youth leads to watching a whole lot more of them. Use headphones too, the laptop has crap speakers. And maybe I should try to make more noise than the guys in the flat opposite us who are thumping something enthusiastically and providing vocal stylings, and no they are not having sex....)

The trip home was less exciting. Get a train to Strathfield. Change trains to a train that stops at a station that my short trip ticket is valid for. Get back on a train that my weekly pass is valid for. Decide not to change to yet another train to get a train that stops at Newtown - it is nearly 5pm and the shops will be shutting. Instead, wander all around Central Station trying to figure out where to catch the bus that drops me 100m from my door.... Of course the place to catch the bus is at the exact opposite diagonal corner to where I started. Last time I was in that part of Sydney, they were still building the bus terminal area. At least I now know where to go and what on earth all the roadworks were about...

I am rather proud of myself for managing to navigate around, even if I did do dumb things. Live and learn, and heck I've been doing a lot of learning. The weekly ticket helps - it means I don't have to pay out of pocket for screwing up. I can just say it is helping justify the $41 for the ticket 8-)

Work tomorrow. The good thing about working from home is I can work in my PJs. If I need to go for a walk whilst thinking about stuff I can. If I need to go buy some stuff, I can. I just make the time up later. Admittedly I don't get the social interaction I used to but I am getting some good work done.



  1. James Reyne?? Because I am too lazy to click on the link??
    I have pored over my friend's IKEA catalogues direct from IKEA-land and they have wonderful things, perhaps they don't make it here?? Yes, often adult things are boring black, white navy etc, even clothes!!
    Well done on the navigating. I expect your will get better with time!!!

  2. You lucky duck. I'm not allowed near Ikea. I came home with several cat beds the last time I went.


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