Loot loot loot

G'day all!

I have been such a bad naughty girl! I deserve a good spanking!

I've been buying loot cos a) Quiltsmith have 25% off fabric for all of April (except they are closed over the long weekend next weekend, boo hiss for Easter falling on Anzac Day and ripping us off a public holiday! Oh but I only work three days a week and miss them anyway...) and b) I don't have enough variety of loot to do all the things I want to, and c) I like to buy something from a place if I visit, like I did with Calico and Ivy. (and dang, I just realised that some of the homespun broadcloth at scroatfight yesterday would work well with some of the stuff from Calico and Ivy.)

Here's a sample of my loot up to earlier in the week:


I do have better pics of the various items but I'm saving them up to talk about as we go along.

I am particularly delighted with these:


The leather gloves I ranted about in an earlier blog post. They are just a wee bit small but I figure with wear will loosen up a bit. I need a tight glove on my right hand anyway. (You can get them at the Tie Rack if you are in Oz or even the UK since it appears to be a UK company.) The colours of the leather do actually match, it is just the semi-gloss nature of the leather that makes them look odd.


I like them. I might even get a chance to wear them today - the weather is totally rancid. If I can believe the weather bureau site, we've had 60mm of rain since midnight and it is a bit cooler than it has been. (I didn't bring my raincoat with me - silly me! It rains more in Sydney than in Melbourne, Melbourne just gets it slower that is all.)

I also have Even More Loot - a book arrived a couple of days ago and now I am itching to make stuff out of it. 2paw might be able to guess what book it is if I say it has ruffles in it and I too might need a ruffle making foot! I have material for one of the items in it. But no pics cos the weather is rancid and I have a window of about an hour in the early morning to take pics with natural light - our block faces slightly north of east and if I get pics before 8 or 8:30 in the morning, I get good light at my desk.

I have been knitting and quilting madly but again? No pics cos the weather outside is frightful. We'll be out in it soon as we are going to Balmain to visit a workmate of Nathan's. This colleague has a piano, a real piano and plays violin. So they will make music and I will listen or I can go for a walk.



  1. You lucky thing! Nice gloves.

  2. I do know what you mean, I enquired about a ruffler foot: $100!! I might be making gathered ruffles!!! Looking forward to seeing what you make!!
    Oh P&P. I must watch it again.
    Yes, very nice gloves and glove modelling.
    The rain has stopped here, we have had three floods this year, not bad in themselves but cumulatively they have done lots of damage to farms etc.

  3. I like the gloves!

    Btw, we still get a public holiday for Anzac day, it just gets bumped to the 26th.

  4. P&P was a dvd I had to own too! What a great amount of loot--looking forward to seeing what you make. I've been out this morning gathering some loot myself ;)


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