New toy

G'day all!

Nathan got a new toy today.  We walked into the city, hopped on a rail bus (they are replacing the catenary and doing trackwork on the harbour bridge railway lines) and wound our way to Chatswood.

My goodness Chatswood was crazy. Everyone wanted to go shopping there. It has an open air shopping mall, two indoors malls/shopping centres and a few hundred metres of shops lining the road to the carparks. People were everywhere.

I had discovered that there was a sewing machine shop about a kilometre from the train station, so we went for a walk.  The cars were banked up in both directions - we were walking faster than the cars fleeing Chatswood.

And we just so happened to find a second sewing machine shop that had not shown up on my search. We talked to them, we checked out the other place, we walked back to the first place and Nathan lugged home the overlocker you can see in wherever mobile blogger has put the picture. (oh, he did pay for it first. He said that his arms felt a bit sore by the time we got home and I am not surprised as he must've carried it close to three km.)

He is very pleased with it :-)

(for details freaks, it is a Bernina 700D)



  1. Woohoo what a great find,that shopping centre sounds bloody wonderful I think Im craving company of a crowd,it helps to drown out mind wars!

  2. You said, "My goodness Chatswood was crazy."

    Understatement of the year, it's never anything else.

    I don't much like shopping malls and that one in particular. Whatever centre I go to, the shop I'm looking for is in the other. I go there about once a year and only for something I can get nowhere else.

    Have fun experimenting with the overlocker. I've considered buying one but until I'm fully settled and unpacked, I won't even think more about it.


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