So many things

G'day all!

So many things to show you and no pictures of any of them! It isn't even me being slack. Y'see our flat has no outdoors area *at all*. Nothing. Nada. It faces south, which means in the southern hemisphere, it doesn't get much natural light, especially with three enormous trees blocking whatever sunlight bounces off the flats next door.

I can't take pics outside because the only flat areas are either covered with possum poo (mmm, anyone for worms and all sorts of interesting bugs?) or are under the washing lines. (The washing lines here have some of the best views! Sydney skyline views! I sometimes think I'll go sit out there and do some work, using my mobile for internet on the laptop but a) I need a seat to sit on and b) mobile's 3G network is verra verra verra slow.) Or are roads and carparks.

(The waterfront just down from our place - never said it isn't pretty!)

I've been busy. I've done lots of walking.

On Monday I took the tram into town and bought headphones for work, went for a walk with DH at his lunchtime, then caught the tram out to one stop further than usual and walked to Quiltsmith (I would link to their website but jeez it is woeful! Much better a visit.) Quiltsmith is having a 20% off sale for all of April. So I came home with some fabric. Ahem!


This means I must've gone to Balmain two Fridays ago. I walked to DH's work, then caught the ferry to Balmain East from Pyrmont, then walked from there all the way up the big long hill - have I said that inner Sydney excels at hills? And that I am getting much more used to walking up hills? - to Calico and Ivy. I bought some lovelies there too 8-)

You might start detecting a theme. We had a very small windfall of unexpected income that means I can buy stuff that will entertain me *and* also stuff that we need.

(The view from the end of our street)

I worked for three days, topped off with an entertaining visit to Melbourne that started off in a very exciting way - my taxi went to the wrong nearby lane, cos some idjit thought having Avon St, Avon Lane and Avona Ave all within 100m of each other would be a great idea. So 20 minutes after I booked the taxi, another one showed up. My driver went like a fury, though not *too* fast and I was in the airport 20 minutes before my plane was scheduled to depart. I then managed to get through security (silly me QUEUED!) and scuttled through the airport with laptop securely clamped under my arm and got to the gate just as they were calling my name the first time. *phew*! Thank heavens for all that walking up hills!

On the way home I had a little extra time and discovered the most fetching pair of leather gloves I've ever seen. A tie shop (as in the thing men wear around their necks) had a lovely bright array of ladies' gloves. I went straight for the turquoise ones, then the fuchsia ones, then I spied the navy blue and pink ones.... and 20% off! Hooray! (still not cheap though! But lovely :-) I only bought the navy blue and pink ones. (2paw, they have GREEN leather gloves! Tie Rack I think it is. Just sayin....)

My phone's camera managed to take some nice shots of sunset and the New Moon.

Friday I would like to say I vegetated but I have the feeling I walked to the shops and bought lots of food (THREE loaves of GF breadstuffs, mmmm! Plus lunchy stuff for me and other things including some glutened fish that was sitting with the GF stuff and I never thought to check until I opened the box...), then slacked by taking the bus back again.

Saturday, oh gosh, Saturday. Full details with pics to follow but I walked about 8km yesterday. By the end of it, my poor footsies were feeling very sore. But I think it was worth it.

I've been knitting and quilting today - being multicraftual. DH was uninspired but I've gotten a fair bit done and now have two quilts ready for their quilt sandwich and quilting and binding. The knitting has a fair way to go though - a jacket I was working on a while ago and a pair of Tardis socks for Nathan that have just gotten past the toe.... So we are keeping very busy and occupied and are really getting into exploring the area. Hope the rain passes so I can go exploring more tomorrow!



  1. Oh green gloves!!!Thank you for spying them for me!!
    I am glad you had a small windfall that is enrichening your life with little purchases!!
    I am glad you had done the hills too, and managed to make the flight!!!
    I don't know why houses are south facing. At least in our house it is the bathroom and we don't care. We face East and so we get all the morning sun in the front ad the afternoon sun through the north side and the back. Phew!!
    You have been so busy with your crafting and outings!! Hope your feet recover soon!!

  2. If you'd come to C&I on a Monday or Tuesday, I'd have been there!


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