Make it stop

G'day all!

Today I did Nathan's washing.

I hung one load of washing out to dry. It was almost sunny this morning, with only a few little patches of rain to be seen on the radar.

I did the second load and hung it inside. Then I walked to Quiltsmith, a pleasant walk. As I walked to Logan's Patchwork, it was raining.

It has rained 50% of the time since then.

Please make it stop. It has rained in Sydney every day for the last 8 days. It started on Good Friday and hasn't stopped since. OK, it might stop for 10 minutes or even two hours, like it did this morning (I saw this big glowing thing in the sky! It was really bright and its rays felt warm on my skin). Thank heavens on our three day jaunt out of Sydney, we found a sunny place that was glorious. I am editing pics of it but as usual have so many to choose from.

You know what really makes me cranky? The weather bureau forecast has said "showers possible" every one of those days (except Good Friday, which was outright rain). I have no idea what they mean by showers but the same sort of precipitation in Melbourne is called "rain." I am starting to wonder if it is some conspiracy or decree that it doesn't rain in Sydney or they like to pretend that it doesn't rain.

I would show you the crafting I've been doing but see rain (above). I haven't got a good bright space in this flat to take good pics and I can't take stuff out to the line to peg on that to show you (see rain (above)). The orange hat I'm knitting Nathan is a bit bright for the flash, and the white and navy tardis socks too contrasty.


However, I think you will like the pics I took in the Button shop on King St in Newtown. They were fine with me taking pics - it is all good advertising!




  1. Lovely people in the button shop at Newtown. I went there with a specific request one cold day last winter. Not only was it warm inside, but the service was warm too. No stone or probably button was left unturned till we found something I liked and both assistants agreed on too.

    I'm glad to be back reading since I had internet finally switched on. Or rather, since our major telco saw fit to flip a few switches etc so IP could start working.


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